July 2 –
Specialty Grains.

August 6 –
Fruit Beers, fruit wine and mead.

September 3 –
Vienna, Marzen and Oktoberfest.

October 1 –

November –
Heart of Dixie HomeBrew Contest???

December 3 –
Holiday Beers, election of officers (in that order).

Dates are subject to change so check here for the latest details

Mr. Statam Goes To The Big City

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Next Meeting
Next meeting is Wednesday July 2 at Ala-Brew. Tales from the trip to Chicago will dominate the agenda. As usual, bring plenty of whatever brew you have on hand.

Road Trip!!!
Georgians for World-Class Beer has made final arrangements for the next event to benefit our legislative efforts related to the restrictions on gourmet beer in Georgia.

Whole Foods Market, 5 Seasons Brewing, Merchant du Vin, Thunderhead Distribution and are all coming together to help present a world-class beer and cheese tasting.

On Sunday, July 13, 2003 at 4PM at 5 Seasons Brewing we will match 10 different world-class beers with artisan cheeses to show that beer and cheese is truly a match made in heaven.

Seating will be limited! Please visit the web site at and follow the links to purchase tickets on-line. Or call 5 Seasons at 404-255-5911 to make reservations. They will need your name and credit card number to reserve your space. Be sure to tell them it's for the beer and cheese tasting. The cost is a donation of $25.

Questions or Comments
Here's who to address them to
(all complaints go to Ray,
he loves 'em):

Ray Statam, President
Kim Thomson, VP,
Program Chairman
Tracy Hamilton,
Julie Boll, Member-at-Large
Bob Nelson, Treasurer
Dennis Johnston, Web Guy

AHA Chicago
Beer and Food a Major Theme

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Birmingham Brewmasters in Chicago