HOMEBREW Digest #117 Sun 02 April 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  Messy brew update (Jim Conroy)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 1 Apr 1989 15:01:52 ECT From: Jim Conroy <AS2JXC%BINGVMA.BITNET at CORNELLC.cit.cornell.edu> Subject: Messy brew update Thanks to all for the recent help. I have a copy a Complete Joy ... but sometimes I'm a little thick. I racked the brew last night without filtering and topped with .5 gal preboiled water. The SG was 1.014 it is nice nice brown almost Apple cider colored. The taste is very light with mild hop after taste. I should have boiled the buillon hops 8.0 AA for much longer but the short fuggles at 2.2 did well. I like all the sparging bag and hop bag suggestions I rememeber reading of them now, I could have done this if I had tken 2 secs. to plan. My question is about stirring. I've seen different things from Charlie P.'s 'don't muck around in your wort below 60 degs.' to the recent post of Oliver suggesting to oxygenate the wort throughly before pitching. What is the story here? Aren't there little yeasties out there just wainting to grow up in my beer? Jim C Return to table of contents
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