HOMEBREW Digest #131 Tue 18 April 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  Compuserve (rdg)
  Australian Amber Ale Recipes? (pbmoss!mal)
  Culturing yeast from bottle conditioned beers. (ephram)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 17 Apr 89 09:13:48 MDT From: rdg at hpfcmi Subject: Compuserve Full-Name: Rob Gardner > From: Steve Conklin <hpfcla!hplabs!amdahl!uunet!tesla!steve> > In all the discussion of this topic, don't forget that one of the primary > goals of the AHA in going to the Compuserve forum is to try to reach new > converts who haven't been exposed to home brewing. After all, most people > who learn about home brewing on Compuserve have money to invest in a new > hobby. Even if they "only" succeed in selling a bunch of membership/sub- > scriptions without converting new brewers, it will be profitable for them. Oh, now that's quite an admirable goal. :-) Rob Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 89 14:05:09 -0700 From: pacbell!pbmoss!mal at hplabs.HP.COM Subject: Australian Amber Ale Recipes? A year or so ago, I ran into a fellow at a party who was liberally pouring his homebrew from 2-litre plastic pop bottles. He identified it as an "Australian-style amber ale", made from extract & grain, and it was DAMN GOOD! Not heavy or sweet, but with ample body; hoppy but not too much, and very refreshing on a hot day. Now that the weather's turning hot and all I have in the cellar is heavy brown ale, I remember that crisp brew fondly. My questions: 1) Is there really such a thing as an "Australian style" of ale, and how does it differ from other styles? 2) Does anyone have any good "hot weather" ale recipes they're willing to share? Much obliged. - Martin = Martin A. Lodahl Pac*Bell Minicomputer Operations Support Staff = = {att,bellcore,sun,ames}!pacbell!pbmoss!mal 916/972-4821 = = If it's good for ancient Druids, runnin' nekkid through the wuids, = = Drinkin' strange fermented fluids, it's good enough for me! 8-) = Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 89 21:26:17 PDT From: ephram at violet.berkeley.edu Subject: Culturing yeast from bottle conditioned beers. I have this batch o' wort that I made up last night. I tried to culture some yeast from some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale bottles, but, nothing happened. I made a starter from some sterile wort I removed and cooled half way through the boil. 3 bottles of Sierrra were emptied and the dregs swirled and added to the cool wort. 45 Min later, Nothin, not even a bubble. Not hampered by the apparent lack of activity I went ahead and pitched the "starter" anyway (3 Sierra Nevada Pale Ales in lew of dinner will unhamper you of much:-). Well the questions are, 1) Will this eventually start? If not should I just pitch a packet of dry? 2) How can I culture some Sierra Nevada yeast (or any other yeast for that matter) ? Any other suggestions? I tried dry hopping some pellets of cascade hops this time (1/2 oz.). Will they circulate enough to emit aromatics? Do they need to? Thanx for your help We must prevent those commies from compromising the integrity of our precious bodily fluids. -Gen. Jack D. Ripper Ephram Cohen ephram at violet.berkeley.edu 466 44th St. #1 3210 Tolman Hall Oakland, CA 94609 Berkeley, CA 94720 Return to table of contents
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