HOMEBREW Digest #133 Thu 20 April 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  Re: Culturing yeast from bottle conditioned beers. (dw)
  Homebrew Digest #132 (April 19, 1989) (postmaster)
  Homebrew Digest #132 (April 19, 1989)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 19 Apr 89 08:54:40 EDT (Wednesday) From: dw <Wegeng.Henr at Xerox.COM> Subject: Re: Culturing yeast from bottle conditioned beers. I haven't tried to culture yeast from a commercial bottle of beer (yet), but I have used vials of dormant yeast. Starters made from the latter usually take a couple days to get going. The yeast in a bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is probably also dormant, and so probably takes a couple days to start working. My guess is that your general procedure is fine, but that 45 minutes isn't nearly enough time. Next time you should give it a couple days. As for your current predicament, here's my advice: Considering that you now have a container of wort that is just waiting for bacteria to attack, I'd add some dry yeast ASAP (proof the yeast first to make sure that it's good!). You don't want to wait and see if the Sierra Nevada yeast is going to start (and you have no way of knowing if what *does* eventually start is the yeast that you added, or something else). /Don Return to table of contents
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