HOMEBREW Digest #187 Tue 27 June 1989

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  Siphoning (florianb)
  Precipitate in wort. (Richard Hargan)
  Cyser (dw)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 26 Jun 89 17:27:24 PDT (Mon) From: florianb%tekred.cna.tek.com at RELAY.CS.NET Subject: Siphoning When siphoning my brews, I've gotten the flow started by sucking on the end of the hoze (after rinsing my mouth with whiskey). I've never had a problem with contamination. However, I often wonder if there isn't a better way to do this. I have tried filling the hoze with water first, but this seems like a silly thing to do: expose the brew to fresh water. I don't think bleach solution is the solution either. Does anyone have a better idea on how to get the flow started when siphoning? [Florian Bell, Boonesborough, Oregon] Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 89 19:46:15 EDT From: Richard Hargan <HARGAN at UMDD.UMD.EDU> Subject: Precipitate in wort. I recently brewed up a 3 gallon batch of wort which I plan to use as a yeast starter for liquid yeasts. I used a can of John Bull Light Malt Extract (hopped) dilluted to 3 gallons. I brought this to a boil in my stainless steel stock pot and maintained a rolling boil for about a half hour. I noticed that the wort darkened somewhat during this process, but did not pay much attention to it. I transfer the hot wort to one quart canning jars and placed them into a pressure cooker. I maintained the pressure cooker at 10 psi for about 30 minutes. When I removed the jars from the cooker, I noticed that the wort was VERY dark and a light, fluffy precipitate had formed in the bottom of the jars. My questions are, - Why did the wort darken from an amber color to a dark color? Is this normal? Personally, I prefer dark beers, but I am a little curious as to why there should be such a pronounced change in color. - What is the precipitate that has formed in the bottom of the jars? I had placed a small amount of vivegar in the water in the bottom of the pressure cooker to prevent water stains (or so the instruction manual advised), and I suppose it is possible that some of the vinegar vapor could have made it's way into the jars, but that seems a little unlikely to me. I had originally planned on using an unhopped malt extract in this batch, but after checking on my supplies, all I had was hopped extract. Could this explain the precipitate? I am going to go ahead an use one of the jars of wort as a starter for some Wyeast and brew up a batch of Irish Ale and see what happens. I had planned on getting a yeast bank kit and preserve some of the starter culture for later use, but now I just want to see if the starter wort is contaminated. If anyone has any suggestions/explainations for what happened, I would be interested in hearing them. Thanks. Return to table of contents
Richard B. Hargan hargan at umdd.umd.edu Systems Programmer Room 1309 (301) 454-2946 Computer Science Center University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742-2411 Return to table of contents
Date: 26 Jun 89 13:08:22 EDT (Monday) From: dw <Wegeng.Henr at Xerox.COM> Subject: Cyser Jackie Brown asked if anyone has made cyser. I made a one gallon "experimental" batch last fall with very good results. My second batch (5 gallons) is settling out in a carboy as we speak. I don't have the recipe here at work, but here are some comments. I made up my own recipe, starting with apple cider that contained no preservatves. Using that as a base, I added honey until the specific gravity reached the approximate SG of grape juice (I wanted the cyser to have about the same amount of alcohol as wine). I then added potassium metabisulfate to the honey/cider mixture to kill any wild yeast. After letting the must sit for a couple days, I added two packages of Red Star Champagne yeast and let nature take it's course. The first batch turned out semi-dry, with a definite apple flavor (though not sweet). With age the sharp apple flavor turned rather smooth. Very nice, I think. I racked the second batch a couple weeks ago (tasting it in the process), and it's coming along fine. I can provide specifics about my recipe if anyone is interested. Note, though, that it's very easy to make up your own recipes. I'm sure that there are purists who will say that I cheated by using wine as a model for my experiments, but that's how it goes. /Don Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 89 19:43:14 mdt From: att!drutx!homer at hplabs.HP.COM Subject: 1989 NATIONAL HOMEBREWERS COMPETITION WINNERS Compiled by the American Homebrewers Association PO Box 287, Boulder, CO 80306 USA (303) 447-0816 BEST OF SHOW Homebrewer of the Year sponsored by Munton and Fison, Stowmarket, England Paul Prozeller, Hamden, Conn. Dubbel Queensberry Framboise Meadmaker of the Year sponsored by Home Wine and Beer Trade Association Shelby Meyer, Tuscon, Ariz. Nogales Black Walnut Leaf Mead Club High Point Award House Beer Measure of Excellence, sponsored by House Beer, Dallas, Texas Sonoma Beer-O-Crats, Santa Rosa, Calif. 1. Alt (34 entries) Great Fermentations of Santa Rosa Award, sponsored by Great Fermentations of Santa Rosa, Calif. 1st: Steven Daniel, League City, Texas Accidental Alt 2nd: George Mika, Takoma Park, Md. Alter Hickory 3rd: Kelly Dunham, Pacifica Calif. Brewbird of Hoppiness Alt 2. Barley Wine (44 entries) Dover Vineyards Barley Wine Award Champion, sponsored by Dover Vineyards, Westlake, Ohio 1st: Clay Biberdorf, St. Louis, Mo. Willy's Best 2nd: Norman Dickenson, Santa Rosa, Calif. Old Fogfoot Hardy Ale 3rd: Ron Page, Middletown, Conn. Eviction Ale 3. Belgium-Style Specialty Beer (20 entries) Manneken-Brussel Imports Chimay Award, sponsored by Manneken-Brussel Imports, Austin, Texas 1st: Paul Prozeller, Hamden, Conn. Dubbel Queensberry Framboise 2nd: Phil Markowski, New Haven, Conn. It Is Waloon 3rd: J. David Wallace, Bend, Ore. Blackberry Weisen 4. Brown Ales (71 entries) Premier Malt Brown Ale Award Champion, sponsored by Premier Malt Products, Grosse Pointe, Mich. 1st: Thad Smith, San Francisco, Calif. Smith Tn Heller 2nd: Steven Daniel, League City, Texas S.E. Texas Northern Brown Ale 3rd: Mark Gryska, Northampton, Mass. Untitled 5. Cream Ale (18 entries) The Wine Works Trophy, sponsored by The Wine Works, Denver, Colorado 1st: Rodney Howard, Oakley, Calif. Colby's Cream Ale 2nd: Jeffrey Sternfeld & Paddy Giffen, Santa Rosa, Calif. Sean Furgeson's Chapeen Cream 3rd: Vern Wolff, Esparto, Calif. Cream Ale 6. Fruit Beer (26 entries) Purple Foot Trophy, sponsored by The Purple Foot, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1st: David G. Hammaker, Roaring Spring, Pa. Cherry Ale 2nd: Mark Gershen, Glendale, Calif. Cranberry Stout 3rd: Stephen Weiler, Fort Walton Beach, Fla. Jane's Thing 7. Herb Beer (38 entries) The Homebrewery Herb Ale Beer Award, sponsored by The Homebrewery, Fontana, Calif. 1st: Mark Fjeld, West Valley City, Utah Friendly Spruce Lager 2nd: David Perlman, Philadelphia, Pa. Wissahicvion 3rd: John Masters, S. Lake Tahoe, Calif. Christmas Ale 8. Best of Pale Ale Class EDME Centenary Trophy, sponsored by Edme Ltd., Mistley, Manningtree, England Norman Hardy, Seattle, Wash. Cascade Bitter 8a. Pale Ale / Classic Pale Ale (52 entries) 1st: Charles Milan, Baton Rouge, La. Half and Half Ale 2nd: Mark Bartkowiak, Warrenville, Ill. Gold Rooster Pale Ale 3rd: Rande Reed, Milwaukee, Wis. Fountainhead Pale Ale 8b. Pale Ale / India Pale Ale (16 entries) 1st: James Reese, Amarillo, Texas Diving Duck Ale 2nd: Padraic Giffen, Cotati, Calif. L & P IPA II 3rd: John Hall, Worthington, Ohio One More Time Ale 8c. Pale Ale / British Bitter (43 entries) 1st: Norman Hardy, Seattle, Wash. Cascade Bitter 2nd: Byron Burch, Santa Rosa, Calif. Manhunt Bitter 3rd: Dr. Keith Dorschner, Greenleaf, Idaho Greenleaf Bitter 9. Porter (69 entries) The Brass Corkscrew Award, sponsored by The Brass Corkscrew, Seattle, Wash. 1st: Grant C. Johnston, Berkeley, Calif. Packer Porter 2nd: Craig Olzenak, Grinnell, Iowa Prancing Pony Porter 3rd: Paul Macchia, Martinez, Calif. Bellboy Porter 10. Scotch Ale (28 entries) Wine & Hop Shop Award, sponsored by Wine & Hop Shop, Denver, Colo. 1st: Ron Page, Middletown, Conn. Butterscotch 2nd: Robert Burko, Milwaukee, Wis. "Beam me up, Scotty" 3rd: Michael Nazarec, Toronto, Ont., Canada Heavy Scottish X-mas Ale 11. Specialty Beer (40 entries) Buffalo Bill's Brewpub Award, sponsored by Buffalo Bill's Brewpub, Hayward, Calif. 1st: Victor Gottlieb, Manakin-Sabo, Va. Gottlieb's Victory Beer #11 2nd: Guy Ruth, Albuquerque, N.M. Todo La Tienda 3rd: James Johnson, Kenosha, Wis. French Lager 12. Stout (85 entries) Coal Black Kidney Award, sponsored by Great Fermentations of Marin, Calif. 1st: Rande Reed, Milwaukee, Wis. Fountainhead Black Magic 2nd: Tom Hauge, Sunnyvale, Calif. One Hop Beyond 3rd: Padraic Giffen, Cotati Calif. New Year's Day 13. Wheat Beer German Style (46 entries) Wheat Growers Challenge Cup, sponsored by National Association of Wheat Growers Foundation, Wash., D.C. 1st: Grant C. Johnston, Berkeley, Calif. American Dark Wheat 2nd: Quentin Smith, Rohnert Park, Calif. Beat Your Feet Wheat 3rd: Jill Kirkland & Dana Kukkonen, Lakewood, Colo. Bitch Brau 14. Bock (62 entries) Yakima Valley Hop Growers Trophy, sponsored by Yakima Valley Hop Growers, Yakima, Wash. 1st: Ronald Brubaker, Cincinnati, Ohio Stimulator 2nd: Charles Lambert, Romulus, Mich. O-So-Bock 3rd: Peter J. Jelinek, Portland, Ore. No Stupid Name 15. Continental Dark (25 entries) Dave Line Memorial Trophy, sponsored by Crosby & Baker, Westport, Mass. 1st: Ross Herrold, Laporte, Ind. Lady of the Morning 2nd: Mary Frances Richardson, St. Catharines, Ont., Canada Dark Star 3rd: Eric McClary, Carson City, Nev. Erasmus Dunkel 16. Export (26 entries) DeFalco's Wine & House Beer Trophy, sponsored by DeFalco's Wine & House Beer, Dallas, Texas 1st: Todd Hanson, Sheboygan, Wis. Reagan Knew 2nd: Rodney Howard, Oakley, Calif. Colby 3rd: Robert Carter, Watsonville Calif. Pale Lager 17. Munich (20 entries) Wines Inc. Trophy, sponsored by Wines Inc., Akron, Ohio 1st: Steven Daniel, League City, Texas League City Munich 2nd: David Miller, St. Louis, Mo. Helles 3rd: John Polstra & Peter Laffan, Seattle, Wash. Gold Im Munde Helles 18. Pilsener (79 entries) Alexander's Pilsener Trophy, sponsored by California Concentrates, Acampo, Calif. 1st: Eric McClary, Carson City, Nev. Oasis Lager 2nd: Dr. Keith Dorschner, Greenleaf, Ida. Andenken 3rd: John Maier, Newport, Ore. Shaun's Real Lager 19. Rauch (17 entries) Jim's Homebrew Supply Shop Award, sponsored by Jim's Homebrew Supply, Spokane, Wash. 1st: Jeffrey Sternfeld, Santa Rosa, Calif. Cerveza Ahumar 2nd: John Maier, Newport, Ore. Smokehouse Lager 3rd: Ralph Bucca, Huntingtown, Md. Smoky Mash 20. Steam (43 entries) Anchor Steam Beer Cup, sponsored by Anchor Brewing Co., San Francisco, Calif. 1st: Stephen Morelli, Portland, Ore. Fat Brothers Original American 2nd: Robert Carter, Watsonville, Calif. Amber 3rd: Phil Markowski, New Haven, Conn. No Nuggets 21. Vienna (39 entries) Frank H. Steinbart Memorial Award, sponsored by F.H. Steinbart, Portland, Ore. 1st: Charlie Olchowski, Greenfield, Mass. Does Ek Ki? 2nd: David Blossman, Baton Rouge, La. Bloss Brau 3rd: Dave Kimber, Toronto, Ont., Canada Yo Vienna 22. Traditional Mead (3 entries) Havill's Mazer Mead Award, sponsored by Havill's Mazer Mead, Rangiora, New Zealand 1st: Wayne W. Waananen, Lakewood, Colo. Full Moon Mead 23. Melomel, Pyment, Cyser, Flavored Mead (33 entries) 1st: Shelby Meyer, Tuscon, Ariz. Nogales Mead (Black Walnut Leaf) 2nd: James Runkel, Fredonia, N.Y. Sparkling Elderberry Mead 3rd: Joseph Hauge, Portland, Ore. Apricot Aphrodisiac Thanks to Paul Echternacht, at the AHA, for helping to move this file from their Mac to my PC. The conference was great, I will try to write more about it soon. Jim Homer att!drutx!homer Return to table of contents
End of HOMEBREW Digest #187, 06/27/89
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