HOMEBREW Digest #213 Fri 28 July 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  Shipping beer (John D. Polstra)
  Using grain (Drew) Lynch <atl at ardent.com>

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 27 Jul 89 08:31:48 PDT From: polstra!jdp at uunet.UU.NET (John D. Polstra) Subject: Shipping beer In HOMEBREW Digest #212, Mike Fertsch <FERTSCH at adc1.RAY.COM> writes: > I would hesitate to take homebrew as carry-on. How can the security > people be sure your unlabelled, hand-capped bottle doesn't contain > gasoline or some other explosove fluid? Just as a data point, I've taken homebrew as carry-on at least 4 or 5 times. There's never been any hassle with the security people. Sometimes they ask what it is, because on their X-ray screen an upright six-pack looks like six quarters floating in midair. I just tell them it is beer, and they say OK, and that's that. A bottle of something doesn't seem very threatening to me, as long as it *obviously* has no detonation device. (Don't pack your homebrew into the body of a radio, for instance.) One of the security people even told me about some guy from Japan who had come through a few days before with two cases of Coors to take back home with him. (Americans are worried about being taken over by these people??? ;-) I've never tried carrying beer onto an international flight, but I might give it a go soon. I'll let you know how that works out. -- John Polstra jdp at polstra.UUCP Polstra & Co., Inc. ...{uunet,sun}!practic!polstra!jdp Seattle, WA (206) 932-6482 Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 89 10:44:34 PDT From: Andrew (Drew) Lynch <atl at ardent.com> Subject: Using grain I have noticed quite a few people mentioning that when using whole grain malts, (crystal, chocolate, etc.) that they should not be boiled, only steeped. Where does this fit into the brewing process? What is the proper "steeping" temperature. And, most importantly, why not boil? Thanx in advance, Drew Return to table of contents
End of HOMEBREW Digest #213, 07/28/89
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