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  Liquid Yeasts (David Baer)
  My experience with lager yeast... (m20502)
  Kegging systems for the home

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 7 Dec 88 09:04:15 PST From: dsbaer at Sun.COM (David Baer) Subject: Liquid Yeasts I have used William's Liquid Yeast and have had great success. There are 8 or so different yeasts available, but I have only used their American Lager. My understanding is the product is packaged by WYEAST so any reputation that WYEAST carries should be extended to William's yeasts. One thing I have noticed about the American Lager is it doesn't ferment the brews as much as dry yeast so there tends to be a residual sweetness that requires extra hops to balance this sweetness. Regardless, the flavor of my brews have been clean and the yeast has settled to crystal clarity. I recommend culturing these yeasts in agar so the cost per brew goes way down. I have stretched one packet of liquid yeast to make 5 batches of beer. If any one is interested in culturing yeasts I would be glad to post more information. Dave Baer Sun Microsystems Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 88 17:07:01 EST From: m20502 at d82vms.mitre.org Subject: My experience with lager yeast... I mad a couple of octoberfest batches using the Vierka (sp?) lager yeast. In both cases the wort sat for almost FOUR days before anything happend. Laziness set in before I used it for radiator coolant, and I was supprized to find that it was fermenting upon close inspection on the fifth day. The next day the yeast was 'going' strong. The results: 1 batch of octoberfest that 'became' a continental dark, and the other lived up to the recipe. I have heard other stories of late blooming lager yeast. particularly Vierka (sp?). I used no fancy chillers or any medium technology. I simply put the wort in a cool winter's attic next to the ice climbing gear for company. Matt Harris Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 8 Dec 88 16:50:42 mst From: Bo Viger <bo at hpfcrjn> Full-Name: Bo Viger Subject: Kegging systems for the home OK. I've had it. No more bottling for this guy. After 14 batches of beer, I've come to the conclusion that I love to cook up a decent wort, but hate to clean, fill, and cap my bottles of beer. Having bartered myself into possession of a surprisingly decent second frig, I've come to the conclusion I'd like to do more than just lager my beer; I'd like to dispense it as a draught beer via a pressure-regulated kegging system. The logical system would contain a stainless-steel keg (3-5 gallon), a CO2 charging bottle, a pressure regulator with gauges, a beer tap (preferrably built into/onto the door of the frig :-) and the various fittings and hoses. Zymurgy runs an ad by the Brass Corkscrew, a kegging supplier in Seattle. I just received their catalog and, if nothing else, was impressed with the completeness of their offerings: kegs, regulators, CO2 bottles, fittings, beer faucets, EVERYTHING! Their lowest priced, complete kegging system had a 5-gallon Cornelius keg (Spartan), a dual-gauge CO2 regulator and a reconditioned 5 lb. CO2 cylinder (full), all for $170. While I might be able to justify this type of investment to forever after avoid bottling (except for contests), I thought I'd continue to investigate before making a final decision. 1. Has anyone out there purchased one of the Brass Corkscrew's kegging systems? How do you like it? Was the value received worth the price? 2. Is it likely I could find some of the major components such as the Cornelius keg or the CO2 bottle from a local supplier or restaurant for much less? If so, ordering just the regulator ($40) and some fittings/hoses could get one an equivalent system for much less than $170. 3. Does anyone use a kegging system of their own design? How much did you invest and do you prefer it over bottling? Thanks in advance to any of you who offer information or advice on this matter. Bo Viger, Brewer of BeauBrau Return to table of contents
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