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  Good brewing burner?
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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 05 Dec 1996 17:26:44 -0700 From: Melinda Bywaters <melinda at aob.org> Subject: HBD technical difficulties The Homebrew Digest has been experiencing growing pains. The Association of Brewers (AOB) became home to a much smaller Digest in June of 1996 and has been working to keep up with the growth ever since. On November 20 growth-related technical difficulties forced temporary shutdown of the Digest. The ever-increasing number of subscribers and volume of messages overloaded the AOB's computer systems. Both hardware and software problems have been diagnosed and corrected. The Digest will be relocating within the next two months to a site with dedicated computing power that is able to handle the forum's increased growth. The AOB will continue to support the Digest until it moves to its new location and will work closely with the new site to ensure a transparent transition for subscribers. The Digest has doubled in size during the past six months from 2,500 subscribers to more than 5,000. The AOB is committed to keeping the Digest up and running as a service for the homebrewing community, but are unable to provide the service from their computer system. We, at the Association of Brewers, regret any inconvenience the Homebrew Digest's technical difficulties have caused subscribers. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Melinda W. Bywaters, M.A. Association of Brewers, Marketing Communications Return to table of contents
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Date: 06 Dec 96 10:08:44 EST From: "David R. Burley" <103164.3202 at CompuServe.COM> Subject: Check Hallo, Are you still there? Keep on brewin' Dave Burley Kinnelon, NJ 07405 103164.3202 at compuserve.com Voice e-mail OK Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 96 07:18:03 PST From: hollen at vigra.com Subject: Good brewing burner? When looking for a good burner for brewing, what should be looked for and what is available? dion - -- Dion Hollenbeck (619)597-7080x164 Email: hollen at vigra.com http://www.vigra.com/~hollen Sr. Software Engineer - Vigra Div. of Visicom Labs San Diego, California Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 09:22:38 -0600 From: Jay Reeves <jay at ro.com> Subject: Beer aging Does anyone have any recommendations or guidelines, other than by taste, on how long various styles of beer should be aged? I know you're looking for the flavors to blend and mellow some, but I'm looking for some kind of time frame for say pale ales, ambers, and darks. -Jay Reeves Huntsville, Alabama Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 96 07:32:14 PST From: hollen at vigra.com Subject: Re: Good brewing burner? >> hollen writes: dion> When looking for a good burner for brewing, what should be dion> looked for and what is available? Several factors should be considered. First, it must have a high enough BTU rating (get hot enough) that it does not take an overly long time to bring your wort to a boil. This will depend on 1) the volume you boil, and 2) to some degree, your patience. You can use a very low BTU burner (35K BTU) if you are patient. The second factor, and IMHO, the most important, is the burner controllable. The 170K BTU Jet burners, while they may be very hot and get the wort boiling very quickly, are not as controllable on the simmer as other burners which are available. They will boil your wort faster than any of the other commonly available burners, but may scorch it, or may boil it too fast during the boil. Burners which are available: All sorts of "cajun cooker" burners meant for seafood cooking which are generally the jet type and usually come with an aluminum pot and legs. Superior cast ring burners which are really nice burners, but unless you go with someone and buy a few, the price will be way over $90 each. Many restaurant supply houses have natural gas ring burners, but the price will be high. In my estimation, the widest range of burners for the least amount of money is made by Metal Fusion. You can buy anything they sell directly from them, but you will pay full "list price". You can buy many different ones of their burners from homebrew shops. They have the King Kooker which comes in both the jet burner and ring burner style and puts out 135K BTU for ring and 170K BTU for jet. They come on tall stands, shorts stands, round stands and square stands. Metal Fusion will sell individual pieces, like just ring burner and gas regulator if you are building one into a stand. THE BEST DEAL GOING: Cabela's 800-237-4444 Kamp Kooker by Metal Fusion Spring 1994 catalog page 161 Outdoor Cooker 136k BTU Single Burner Unit AE-50402-000 $49.95 Double burner unit AE-50403-000 $84.95 30" extensions legs AE-50536-200 $19.95 Fits keg perfectly, 8" high and about 12" square, also fits any sort of pot because of the grate they use over the burner. It is complete and needs nothing but a propane bottle. This is the one I use and am quite happy with it. I have called Metal Fusion when I first got my burner from Cabela's because one part was missing. They sent it out with no charge and no questions asked other than my name and address. When my burner was sooting up the bottom of the pot, they sent me out a whole new burner assembly free of charge. When I wanted to switch from propane to natural gas, one of their technical people talked to me for 15 minutes discussing the options. These people are one of the best companies I have ever had to deal with. I have no financial interest in Metal Fusion, I am just a *very* satisfied customer. If you need, they can even build special stands for you (but that will cost a lot, but you know it will be done right). dion - -- Dion Hollenbeck (619)597-7080x164 Email: hollen at vigra.com http://www.vigra.com/~hollen Sr. Software Engineer - Vigra Div. of Visicom Labs San Diego, California Return to table of contents
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