HOMEBREW Digest #243 Fri 01 September 1989

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  Using Ice to Cool Wort (John DeCarlo)
  Source of kettle (florianb)
  "La white scum" identified! ("FEINSTEIN")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 30 Aug 89 12:47:48 EDT From: hpda!uunet!f131.n109.z1.FIDONET.ORG!John.DeCarlo (John DeCarlo) Subject: Using Ice to Cool Wort In Issue 241, Patrick Stirling (pms at Sun.COM) writes: > On another tack, what do you think of using ice to cool wort? I've > tried it a couple of times with no (apparent) ill effects. Previously I > used just cold water to make up the volume, which cooled the wort to > 90-100F, and > pitched the yeast at about 85-90F. It seemed to work OK. Now I dump the > entire contents of our fridge's (automatic) ice maker's tray into the > bucket and pour on the wort - gets it to about 75F, much better! The > ice is just tap water so I don't see any problems. Using a chiller strikes > me as being just as unsanitary as ice anyway. This has been addressed recently, in issues 217 and 218, as well as in a recent issue (not the most recent) of ZYMURGY. The only negative comment I have heard is that a typical freezer is full of bacteria, which can infect the ice quite easily. Don't kn ow about an automatic ice maker. John "Anyway, I'm going to freeze some sterile water in a sterile plastic container for my next batch" DeCarlo -- John DeCarlo - FidoNet 1:109/401 - The Black Cat's Shack Internet: John.DeCarlo at f131.n109.z1.FIDONET.ORG UUCP: ...!uunet!hadron!blkcat!131!John.DeCarlo Return to table of contents
Date: 31 Aug 89 08:25:11 PDT (Thu) From: florianb at tekred.cna.tek.com Subject: Source of kettle In HBD #242, Martin A. Lodahl asks: >whole volume of wort (anyone know a good source for 33-quart >enameled steel canning kettles? Can't seem to find one here), I Williams Brewery Supplies sells these for a farthing. I don't have the address handy. I'll try to get it from home. It's somewhere in California, and they do ship. Florian. Return to table of contents
Date: 31 Aug 89 10:53:00 EDT From: "FEINSTEIN" <crf at pine.circa.ufl.edu> Subject: "La white scum" identified! Hello, all! Well, I finally got to talk to my department's resident micro person a few days ago, and "la white scum" is *definitely* a wild yeast introduced by the cherries themselves. As different varieties of cherries will be availiable in different places, it is logical that some individuals will get this effect when using cherries in brewing, and others will not. For those with microbiological knowledge: when I did my Gram stain on the scum, and then looked through the microscope, I saw thingies that were Gram positive, and thingies that were Gram negative, and they were morphologically the same. My reaction to this was, understandably, "Uh oh!" Well, it turns out that the active yeast stain Gram positive, and the *spores* stain Gram negative. This is apparently typical of many yeasts. As I haven't worked with yeasts much (apart from brewing, that is :-) ), I wasn't aware of this phenomenon. So, pardon me... there's this bottle of pale pink bubbly stuff waiting for me... Yours in Carbonation, Cher Feinstein Univ. of Fla. Gainesville, FL INTERNET: CRF at GNV.IFAS.UFL.EDU BITNET: CRF at IFASGNV Return to table of contents
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