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  2nd Annual SODZ Bristish Beerfest Competition ("frank barickman")
  Las Vegas Beer ("Martin Brungard")
  Hefe and temps (leavitdg)
  Beer in Salt Lake City? ("Eric R. Theiner")
  Re: Single roll mill crushing action. ("Todd Snyder")
  re: How alcohol toasts the body ("Antony Hayes")
  Pressure-Cooker Pseudo-Decoction (pDecoct) (Alexandre Enkerli)
  Re: Monte Carlo (Tom Keith)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 23:25:16 -0500 From: "frank barickman" <fbarickm at columbus.rr.com> Subject: 2nd Annual SODZ Bristish Beerfest Competition I would like to announce our 2nd Annual Scioto, Olentangy, and Darby Zymurgists (SODZ) British Beerfest Competition. The competition will be held April 9 in Columbus, Ohio. It will be limited to British style beers, mead and cider. Best of Show will be awarded a traditional English Yard Glass! For more information please see www.sodz.org. Cheers, Frank Barickman Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 04:59:27 -0900 From: "Martin Brungard" <mabrungard at hotmail.com> Subject: Las Vegas Beer While I'm no expert on Las Vegas, the recent AHA convention in Las Vegas certainly opened my eyes to some possibilities in that town. I think a good place to check out would be Barley's Casino and Brewery. The brewmaster, Michael Ferguson, participated extensively in the AHA convention. He proved himself to be an outstanding person and excellent brewer. He refers to himself as the "Other Black Brewer" and he has the knowlege and ability to stand with Garrett Oliver as a great brewer. I did enjoy the products he brought to the convention, but I didn't have an opportunity to visit Barley's. Another great place was the Hofbrauhaus. This is a licensed replica of the original Hofbrauhaus in Munich. All the beer is imported Hofbrauhaus beer. The Munich Dunkel and Hefeweizen were both excellent. Their Original is OK, a German Pils, probably to suit most Budmillors drinkers. It is an active place. A bunch of us from the AHA convention went there and had a great time. It is a place to get happy and enjoy good beer, food, and entertainment. Its as close as most of us are going to get to the real Oktoberfest. Las Vegas may be in the desert, but it isn't necessarily a beer wasteland. Enjoy! Martin Brungard Tallahassee, FL Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 09:01:02 -0500 From: leavitdg at plattsburgh.edu Subject: Hefe and temps Someone, please refresh my memory: Was it the higher end of the temperature range on many hefe yeasts that yielded the bananna flavor, and the lower end that favored the clove? I am getting ready to use wlp300, and want to attempt to do several batches, one high, another low, to see if I can create these differences. Thankyou in advance, and Happy Brewing! Darrell Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 8:34:27 -0600 From: "Eric R. Theiner" <rickdude at tds.net> Subject: Beer in Salt Lake City? Generally, when in a new place, I pretty much follow my nose to find good beer and good bars (exceptions have been places where there's too many good spots to take a chance on missing-- Chicago and Baltimore come to mind). But... This year's AOCS conference is in Salt Lake City. I understand that there are good brews to be had, but I'm betting that it's going to be like finding a needle in the blue haystack. Can anyone point me to some spots? (The conference is in May, but I figured I'd start building my itinerary now.) Thanks! Rick Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 09:38:21 -0500 From: "Todd Snyder" <tmsnyder at buffalo.edu> Subject: Re: Single roll mill crushing action. I'm kind of a tinkerer, so this talk of roller mills is interesting and leads me to chime in here. Instead of buying a mill about 7 years ago I built a double concrete roller mill based on reading articles in HBD and online. I built a 2nd one based on mistakes made and learned during the 1st version. After a few batches one of the concrete rollers suffered a minor blowout so I decided a steel mill was probably the way to go. Now I have an adjustable motorized 2 roller mill which I'm still tweaking but am pretty happy with after refining it the last 3 years. All told, I've probably spent well over $200 on stuff for these mills and countless hours. Not that I'd do it differently if given the chance because I like to tinker! So it is with these experiences under my belt that I helped a friend 'motorize' a Philmill 1 a few months ago. Note that motorizing a Philmill is simply a matter of removing the crank and replacing it with a little 3/8" shaft, then you use a drill motor to grind the grain. It was mostly an excuse to hang out and drink beer in his garage/brewery. This is what I observed. The crush from the Philmill is excellent, just as Dan stated below the husks are pealed from the grain completely intact and fluffy. The starchy meat of every barley corn is crushed and there is little fine flour. The throughput using an old 3/8" drill motor was _very_fast_. The only thing I would like to see changed in the design is the small 'hopper' which is an upside down 2 liter pop bottle. That mill works great, and for what, $70?! Since then he's won many competition awards including BOS for a weizenbock at our regional 300 entry competition using that mill. You can certainly spend a lot more money on 2 roller mills but from what I've seen they don't give any better crush than the PhilMill 1 based on visual observations of the grist and an understanding of what's happening to the grain as it passes between the knurled roller and the _smooth_ plate. I have no affiliation with Dan Listerman. Todd in Buffalo, NY Travis wrote: <There is a big difference between the single roller Phil Mill and the double roller Phil Mill 2...and yes, there are other mills that are a better value. The single roller Phil Mill passes the grain along a metal plate and tears the grain along the way. > Dan wrote: <Travis seems to have a misconception regarding how a single roll mill crushes. If the mill had a plate with serrations that the roller crushed against, he would be absolutely right. It would be nothing better than a linear Corona. The Philmill actually has a very smooth hardened plate that the roller crushes against. The husk material on that side of the corn merely slides along the plate seeing no sharp edges. OTOH the husk material on the roller side does see these edges. In double roll mills both sides of the corn are exposed to sharp edges. It is my belief that a single roller mill does a superior job of holding husk material together due to the smooth plate.> Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 19:37:15 +0200 From: "Antony Hayes" <anthayes at telkomsa.net> Subject: re: How alcohol toasts the body Randy Pressley wrote, "My personal method for not getting a hangover from beer is to make sure I never get dehydrated. Always keep a giant (32 oz)cup of water beside the bed." My varsity technique was a beermug placed under the pillow before going out: At the end of the evening you collapse into bed - bang head - remember to drink water. Ant Hayes Joburg Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 13:06:53 -0500 From: Alexandre Enkerli <aenkerli at indiana.edu> Subject: Pressure-Cooker Pseudo-Decoction (pDecoct) Brewers, Been planning a recipe with a friend. A real true kitchen-sink beer using all sorts of crazy methods. A cool one I always wanted to try was to do a pseudo-decoction by pressure-cooking a Mason jar of grain. IIRC, this is a method Jeff "Center of the Homebrew Universe" Renner uses for his CAP's cereal mash. Jeff, did I get this right? Have others tried for other purposes? Searches in the archives turn up several hits but they become somewhat confusing. -Steve Alexander had experimental results about contribution to malt flavour, which is neat, but we're interested in more practical issues. Soooo... If anyone else does it. How do you do it? The main mash will be done in a Bruheat boiler with a grain bag so we can step-mash with direct heat. It's for a 3gal batch with a pinch each of a fairly large number of grain. It was initially supposed to be a Baltic Porter but it's looking more and more German. Kind of like a Porter version of a Schwarzbier. What's the German word for brown, again? Or it could be a Prussian Porter or something... ;-) Prosit! AleX in South Bend, IN [129.7mi, 251.5] Apparent Rennerian Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 17:55:54 -0600 From: Tom Keith <tom at advertising-marketing.com> Subject: Re: Monte Carlo My info is equally old, but I remember being very disappointed in the brewpub at the Monte Carlo. My impression - I may be wrong - was that it was basically an extract operation, the beers seemed to have that "extract tang." I didn't see a mash tun in sight. >Jon from Minneapolis asks about brewpubs in Las Vegas. > >My information is a few years old (2002). At that time I think that >I tried every brewpub on Fremont St. and near the strip. Not being >a gambler, I had a lot of time on my hands ya know :-) > >By far the best was Gorden Biersch and I'm not sayin that because >they're based in my home town. They take beer seriously at GB. > >The second best was at Monte Carlo at the south end of the >strip : pretty damn good. - -- +-------------------------------+-------------------------------------------+ | Tom Keith | Advertising, Promotion and New Product | | Thomas Keith & Associates | Development for smaller companies and | | 1005 Dempster Street #2E | smaller divisions of large companies. | | Evanston, IL 60201-4210 | Including Multimedia and WWW development | | voice: 847-328-1282 +-------------------------------------------+ | Fax: 847-328-2242 | check out our Web page | | tom at advertising-marketing.com | http://www.advertising-marketing.com | +-------------------------------+-------------------------------------------+ Return to table of contents
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