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  Fortnight of Yeast, 2005! Reminder. ("Rob Moline")
  Bud Light's aluminum bottles--any reports? (David Radwin)
  Wheat recipe... ("Michael Eyre")
  mash temps (dry ale) (leavitdg)
  grain bill (dry ale) (leavitdg)
  Water (kchristian)
  Turbo Tap ("Peter A. Ensminger")
  Evaporation Rate (neil)
  Doh! Mailman bites the big 'un... ("Pat Babcock")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 22:33:31 -0500 From: "Rob Moline" <jethrogump at mchsi.com> Subject: Fortnight of Yeast, 2005! Reminder. Fortnight of Yeast, 2005! Lallemand is pleased to announce a Fortnight of Yeast, 2005, commencing July 10, 2005, on the Homebrew Digest. Expertise this year is provided by Dr. Clayton Cone, Dr. Tobias Fischborn, Dr. Forbes Waldrop, & Keith Lemcke. Standards to be followed..... 1. Questions submitted to post at hbd.org , July 10, 2005 through July 24th, 2005 and submitted with "Fortnight Of Yeast, 2005" in the subject line, with or without further subject heading, will be answered. 2. Questions shall be accepted for response via HBD, with any follow-up past the ending date at the sole discretion of the FOY, 2005 respondents. 3. Reprinting of the Questions and Answers may be published by Lallemand/HBD and Dr.'s Cone/Fischborn/Waldrop/Lemcke, at their discretion, in any media. Attribution of name is granted by the questioner, without further publication of any e-mail addresses. Please join Dr. Clayton Cone, Dr. Tobias Fischborn, Dr. Forbes Waldrop, & Keith (Bignose) Lemcke for a FORTNIGHT OF YEAST, 2005 on the Homebrew Digest July 10, 2005. Cheers! Rob Moline Lallemand "The More I Know About Beer, The More I Realize I Need To Know More About Beer!" - -- No virus found in this outgoing message. Checked by AVG Anti-Virus. Version: 7.0.323 / Virus Database: 267.8.10/43 - Release Date: 7/6/2005 Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2005 20:20:08 -0700 From: David Radwin <dradwin at sbcglobal.net> Subject: Bud Light's aluminum bottles--any reports? Apparently Bud Light is now available in aluminum bottles, and as I recall a few other microbreweries used them in the past. http://www.anheuser-busch.com/news/BLALumBottle_060705.htm Has anyone tried reusing these aluminum bottles for homebrew? And can someone suggest a good use for the Bud Light inside? (Drinking it is out of the question, of course, and we don't have too many snails and slugs.) Thanks, David in Berkeley CA replies to news at davidradwin dot com Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 06:31:46 -0700 From: "Michael Eyre" <meyre at sbcglobal.net> Subject: Wheat recipe... Anyone have a good wheat beer recipe (all-grain for 10 gal) kickin' around? I'm fond of that Widmer brothers brew I had a little while ago at a festival, but I'm not hung up on it. This'll be my first Wheat, so any helpful hints are all appreciated... Mike Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 09:23:47 -0400 From: leavitdg at plattsburgh.edu Subject: mash temps (dry ale) I have been experimenting with the making of drier ales, and wonder: given the recent discussion of the relative sensitivity of alpha amlyase, and its short duration (compared to beta amylase) have any of you experimented with trying to go very slowly through the alpha corridor? I have tried to stay at the low end (154F) for 10 min, then sloowly boost to 156 or so for another 10 then a few more degrees, and so on. My difficulty is that I use a Polarware, and think that I may be denaturing the enzyme prematurely from the flame heat on the bottom, so I have decided to try "tippy-toeing" through that 154-162F range. Any ideas? BTw, I am using English 007 Dry, healthy yeast and starting with a low gravity (1.045 or so) in that this is my first use of this vial. hAPPY bREWING! Darrell Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 10:31:20 -0400 From: leavitdg at plattsburgh.edu Subject: grain bill (dry ale) I forgot to mention in my last post: the grain bill for the English Dry Ale was: 8.25 lb Golden Promise (2 row british) .50 lb CaraAmber (perhaps too much?) .25 lb Biscuit Darrell Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 12:15:58 -0400 From: kchristian at surfside.net Subject: Water Hi HBDers, Since my move to Anaheim CA, I have not had much luck with my brewing. I am pretty sure it is my extremely hard water. Diluting it has not made enough difference to produce good beers. It is time to think about building my own water up from RO. Would someone mind posting their procedure of adding the salts to RO water for both a basic pilsner and pale ale profile. That would get me started. I am thinking of doing small batches to understand the water better. I'd welcome and advice on doing these, too! Thanks in advance, Keith Return to table of contents
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 00:03:35 -0400 From: "Peter A. Ensminger" <ensmingr at twcny.rr.com> Subject: Turbo Tap Just saw a CNN story about "Turbo Tap" [see: < http://www.turbotap.com/ > ], which supposedly allows very fast pouring from kegs, reduces spillage, and dispenses with an appropriate "head". It can be leased for $99 per year. Seems to me that a HBD gadgeteer out there could reverse-engineer this device. Maybe somebody from Listermann Manufacturing Co? Cheerio! Peter A. Ensminger Syracuse, NY Beer Data: < hbd.org/ensmingr > Return to table of contents
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 11:32:10 -0500 From: <neil at scottishbrewing.com> Subject: Evaporation Rate I'd like to hear from any of you that use a converted keg for a boiling kettle as to the evaporation rate you typically see. I brew 5 gallon batches shooting for 5.5 gallon average into the fermenter and do full wort boils. Since I switched from my 10 gallon stainless pot (now used for its intended purpose as a mash tun with stainless false bottom), I've noticed a significant increase in the evaporation rate. I'm wondering if it is related to surface area between the two vessels. I would gladly like to hear from anyone with practical experience data and/or references to printed docs on the subject. Cheers! Neil Spake Author and Webmaster www.ScottishBrewing.com Return to table of contents
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 16:53:20 -0400 From: "Pat Babcock" <pbabcock at hbd.org> Subject: Doh! Mailman bites the big 'un... Greetings, beerlings, take me behind the woodshed and give me what-for... In a fit of what I hope is uncharactersistic ineptitude, I mistook the HBD server session for my webfarm session, and proceeded to destroy all of the side lists, the Mailman list server, backups and archives. Yes, I feel like a right regular idiot at the moment. In any case, for most of the public lists, I have a collection of archives locally, and will attempt to make them available. That's the good news. That, and the HBD itself and all of its archives were left uscathed by this devastation. All of the other systems on the server are OK, too - it was an error of surgical precision. The BAD news is that all of the membership lists were lost. I've recreated all of the lists from the one portion of the image that did not get wiped out, and have put in the true (or a former) list owner's email address where known. So here's the drill: If your club's email list is hosted on the HBD server, I apologize, but you'll need to res|_|bscribe. I'd also appreciate it if whomever is responsible for administering your list would contact me so that I can give them their access back. Here's a list of those I'm aware of on the server and, where I knew who, the admin (these admin have already been "installed" as the aministrator. If you're there, but received no notification, contact me.): Private (club) lists: ####################### aabg (Spencer Thomas) babble bock cask ford (Howard Klix) mash mcab (Louis Bonham) nrvbg buzz colonials dbg (Mike Bardallis) nshore redstick scbg To res|_|bscribe to any of these private lists, send the word s|_|bscribe to <name-of-list>-request at hbd.org. You will need to respond to the confirmation list it provides and be approved by your list admin in order to regain access to the mailings. If you are aware of any of these that are defunct and/or hosted elsewhere, please let me know that, too. And, I guess, if I was hostng your list and you're NOT there. Or, simply, if you want to be hosted. That. too. Public Lists ############################ mcab-qe (Louis Bonham) coffee (Arnold Neitzke) dbd (Jeff Renner) sake (Jim Liddil) cheese (Jack Schmidling) To res|_|bscribe to any of these public lists, send the word s|_|bscribe to <name-of-list>-request at hbd.org. You will only need to respond to the confirmation list it provides in order to regain access to the mailings. In addition, anyone who is the webmaster for their club's website hosted on the HBD server are kindly requested to re|_|bscribe to the webmasters' list (send s|_|bscribe to mailman-request at hbd.org). I think I'll settle back and drink a gallon or so of Guinness to put my mind back in order. I also think I'm going to spend some cash on some network-attached storage and a better backup strategy than the one I've proven to be pretty useless here... Note that anywhere you see |_| you should substitute u in the above discussion. If I had done otherwise, the HBD filters would have puked on this posting. - -- See ya! Pat Babcock in SE Michigan Chief of HBD Janitorial Services http://hbd.org pbabcock at hbd.org Return to table of contents
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