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  RE: Light absorption in beer ("May, Jeff")
  Music To Brew By ("Dave Larsen")
  Controlling flow (was Light absorption) ("Todd Snyder")
  mike's brewing inefficiency ("Dave Burley")
  Hoppy Halloween Challenge Announcement ("Susan Ruud")
  RE: stealing, er, ah, borrowing yeast (Donald Hellen)
  Suggestion to the HBD (Donald Hellen)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2005 10:09:55 -0400 From: "May, Jeff" <Jeff.May at uscellular.com> Subject: RE: Light absorption in beer Another Uber techno geek idea would be to use an ultrasound sensor mounted over your under back. These bounce ultra high frequency sound waves off things and calculate the distance by measuring the time for the reflection to return. This technology was used on some of the Polaroid cameras for auto focusing. You could calibrate it for your low and high levels. But an added benefit would be knowing real time level info instead of just knowing whether you have exceeded two different thresholds. You could even set up a variable rate for you pump to keep the level constant. Or, what if you pump fails? You could set an alarm indicating the level is too high and action is required to prevent and overflow. You may be able to rig it up as a sonar to check for floating particles indicating that you need to continue recirculating... Ok, I'm back. Just kidding about the sonar. Got a little too excited there. Of course this would require circuit skills and possibly the need to interface with a micro controller or PC. Also, I don't know how the sensor would stand up to the warm moist environment over a pot of 76 degC wort. We used these on our robot car in college to avoid collisions. I cannot keep the geek side of me hidden. Oh yeah I forgot, 'simpler is better!' Jeff May Wilmington, NC AR[649.7,148.6] Return to table of contents
Date: Sun, 21 Aug 2005 07:12:08 +0000 From: "Dave Larsen" <hunahpumonkey at hotmail.com> Subject: Music To Brew By When I first started out brewing meads, me and my brewing buddies would usually throw on Vivaldi, Four Seasons, as background music. In recent years, though, I have to admit that I don't put on music to brew. I would like to change that. Therefore, I pose the question: What is the best music to brew by? Dave, the all-grain evangelist Tucson, AZ http://hunahpu.blogspot.com/ Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 09:35:29 -0400 From: "Todd Snyder" <tmsnyder at buffalo.edu> Subject: Controlling flow (was Light absorption) >I am looking at several ways to control the rate at >which wort is pumped from my under back back to the mash tun and off to the boiler. The rate of pumping should depend on the level of wort in the under back>> Controlling flow from the sparge tank maybe? What's a 'back back'? Try a simple float valve with a copper toilet float (a new one hopefully!). I got a nice brass valve from mcmaster-carr and the float from the local hardware store. That way hot water goes onto the mash at the same rate as you draw off the bottom! It's a beautiful thing to not have to check that level every few minutes. Then you just need to control or set the flow coming out of the mash tun going to the kettle. For this, nothing works better than a peristaltic pump. Get a MasterFlex pump off ebay with a #17 or #18 pump head on it. It should take tubing about 3/8" in diameter if you're looking at a photo of the pump. The last two digits of the pump head should be 17 or 18, or even better if you can find one that clamps down on almost any size tubing. These pumps have many advantages over centrifugal pumps like the ones most homebrewers use. They are self-priming, constant flow, only the tubing contacts the wort, and are infinitely adjustable. A side benefit for me was that after going to a float valve and peristaltic pump my efficiency went from ~75% to ~91%. Probably because the flow was constant and steady-state, instead of variable. Todd in Buffalo Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 10:19:32 -0400 From: "Dave Burley" <Dave_Burley at charter.net> Subject: mike's brewing inefficiency Mike, Most often, inefficiency in brewing is due to improper milling. Try passing your grain through the mill twice. Close down the nip completely and turn on the mill drive (or begin cranking) . Open the nip until the mill just feeds quickly. Repeat with the milled grain, which will have a smaller nip at which it starts to feed. This will dramatically improve your efficiency. Let us know. Keep on Brewin' Dave Burley Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 15:25:00 -0500 From: "Susan Ruud" <susan.ruud at ndsu.nodak.edu> Subject: Hoppy Halloween Challenge Announcement The Prairie Homebrewing Companions wish to announce the 8th Annual Hoppy Halloween Challenge which will be held this year on October 29th. This year our Awards Banquet will have as a featured speaker - Ken Schramm, author of "The Compleat Meadmaker." Entries will be accepted from September 26th thru October 8th and the Best of Show on October 29th. We are again having a special Halloween Theme Category. All of the information can be found on our web page at www.prairiehomebrewers.org The Hoppy Halloween Challenge is part of the High Plains Brewer of the year: http://www.kcbiermeisters.org/NewHighplains.htm and the Midwest Homebrewer of the Year Award http://sphbc.truthbrew.com/mwhboy/ so get those brewkettles going!! Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 17:17:29 -0400 From: Donald Hellen <donhellen at horizonview.net> Subject: RE: stealing, er, ah, borrowing yeast There was a brief explanation of how to do this in the current Brew Your Own magazine (it may not be on the magazine racks in your homebrew shop yet; I get it mailed to my home). It was in the special retro "Mr. Wizard" column (the best of the last 10 years of the column). For readers of the magazine who haven't figured it out yet, the identity of Mr. Wizard is made known in this issue. If I remember correctly, you take a petri dish, butane lighter, and a test tube with a swab and be as secretive (while looking casual) as you can be. The rest is basic yeast culturing techniques. Donald Hellen Made of only the finest electrons and the purest ascii text to bring you the utmost email pleasure. Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 17:26:16 -0400 From: Donald Hellen <donhellen at horizonview.net> Subject: Suggestion to the HBD I'm sure that the last thing the HBD people would like to see is something that would tax the server even more--and this is not a criticism--but I have a suggestion that I would like to make. There is a LOT of interest in home winemaking. While there is some overlap in the two hobbies, it may or may not be good to have a list that serves both communities (in my case, as a home winemaker, I think of it as one, but that's my viewpoint). So, my suggestion: Create a winemaking list that works like this web site. The newsgroup rec.crafts.winemaking is nice, but I can't post to the group through my local ISP's news server or else my email address is harvested by many "bots" and I get spam galore for a few months. The HBD hides email addresses in an intelligent way so that automated systems cannot easily figure out our email addresses anymore. If we had a winemaker's list like the HBD, it would make it easy to keep up with the list through email instead of the Usenet newsgroups, and it would be "safer" also. Just a suggestion. If the HBD people aren't interested, that's OK, and yo are not bad people for not implementing my idea. It's just an idea. I already have a winemaking group on Yahoo (Zymurgy-Wine, as well as a beermaking group, Zymurgy), but it doesn't see the activity that the HBD does. More activity benefits everyone, with more ideas discussed. Donald Hellen Donald Hellen Made of only the finest electrons and the purest ascii text to bring you the utmost email pleasure. -=>*<=-O-=>*<=-O-=>*<=-O-=>*<=-O-=>*<=-O-=>*<=-O-=>*<=-O-=>*<=- (Editor's Note: Remember the HVD? The Home Vintners' Digest? Upon Donald's request above, it has been resurrected. To subscribe, send the word "subscribe" to hvd-request at hbd.org. Posts are to be sent to hvd at hbd.org. The hvd, though formerly a Majordomo list, is instantiated in Mailman this time 'round. We've done other lists in the same soft- ware as the HBD (last one was the BJD - Beer Judge Digest - created to supplant the JudgeNet when it was down in '98. Since the HBD is a non-modular, custom written app, it would be just too hard to actually stuff another list through it. I have been working on making it more modular - but life interferes...) I've also created the Handyman's How-To, since I'm in the middle of a major home remodel and thought it would be neat to share tips and tech- niwues with those wimilarly afflicted. Subscribe at handyman-request at hbd.org, post at handyman@hbd.org. These lists keep your email address safe as well, but will allow both digested and undigested formats. -p Return to table of contents
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