HOMEBREW Digest #516 Fri 12 October 1990

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  legality of distillation (David Coombs)
  7 gallon carboys (mage!lou)
  Homebrew Digest #515 (BAUGHMANKR)
  Dry Hopping (Todd Enders - WD0BCI )
  Green Grenades, Apple beer (adietz)

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Date: Thu, 11 Oct 90 08:56:07 -0400 From: David Coombs <coombs at cs.rochester.edu> Subject: legality of distillation Why do the feds still want to prevent individuals from distilling things, while commercial distilleries are now permitted? I can think of several possible reasons, but what are the real ones? David Coombs Dept of Computer Science coombs at cs.rochester.edu University of Rochester ...!rochester!coombs Rochester, NY 14627 USA Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 90 09:30:37 MDT From: hplabs!mage!lou Subject: 7 gallon carboys In HBD #515 Greg Roody asks: >What were the previous contents of the used 6/7 gallon carbouys >that some beer supply stores sell? They look >suspiciously like chemocal carbuoys - especially since >you can still see the D.O.T. symbol location. I just >hope it wasn't something nasty like mercury or chromic acid. My 7 gallon carboys came with a sulfuric acid label still attached. I assume that they are refuse from the local electronics manufacturering. Although they seem perfectly clean when I get them, I fill them with a baking soda solution and let them soak aday or so before I use them. Being of a basically distrusting nature, I would wonder why the one's you see have the label removed. Coiuld it be that they don't want you to know? I think the operative expression is "caveat emptor" (or however it's spelled). Also Geoff Sherwood writes: >I don't think keeping beer making illegal was an oversight at all. The >feds did not want you to make ANYTHING from malted barley (I believe even >MALTING barley without a license was illegal). The reason? Barley malt >can be used to make more than beer (especially if you have an old still >around!). That is the way I heard it, anyway. This is an interesting story but it ignores the fact that grapes can be used to make brandy. Louis Clark mage!lou at ncar.ucar.edu Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 90 11:46 EST From: BAUGHMANKR at CONRAD.APPSTATE.EDU Subject: Homebrew Digest #515 >>Several comments related to Homebrew Digest 515<< RE: A bit of Homebrew History Homebrewing is also illegal in Georgia. The ironic fact is that winemaking IS legal. I understand there is an effort underway to bring homebrewing in line with the laws on home winemaking. RE: Xmas Beer Recipe (Chris Shenton) I hate to pique your interest with this bit of info, Chris, (because you're not likely to get your recipe in time for Christmas--this year) but keep your eyes peeled in Zymurgy for the winning beer in this year's Specialty beer category. I judged this beer in Oakland and after one taste I was singing "Jingle Bells"!! It went on to finish 2nd in the final round. Phil Fleming from Colorado was the brewer. I just checked Zymurgy and he's a member of Hop Barley and the Alers and lo and behold, his phone number is listed in the Homebrew Club section. Perhaps I shouldn't publish it on the net but here's the address for his club: Hop Barley and the Alers c/o John Bates 862 Cypress Dr. Boulder, CO 80303 RE: Chilling Time (Steve Slade) I don't have the particulars, and from your comments perhaps you already know this, but...boiling wort in aluminum pots has generally been recognized as a bad idea. Anyone out there in Netland care to enlighten us as to exactly why? Keep on doin' the brewin'... Kinney Baughman BAUGHMANKR at APPSTATE.BITNET Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 90 12:14:50 -0500 From: Todd Enders - WD0BCI <enders at plains.NoDak.edu> Subject: Dry Hopping I have dry hopped 3 batches now as an experiment. The first batch showed no sign of infection after 5 months, so I think the possibility of dry hopping inducing infection is probably not what some folks would lead you to believe. I think general sanitation is more likley the suspect in infected batches. With that out of the way, I can definately say that dry hopping *does* give you wonderful hop aroma. There are several variations on dry hopping, but what I do is this: Ferment in the primary until fermentation is fairly well done (avg. 7 days for ales). Rack to secondary which contains 1-2 oz. of the hops you want to use. Bottle after brew clears + a few days for good measure (avg. 7 days) I don't know if the hops will settle to the bottom if left to soak longer, but the majority want to stay floating about in the secondary even after 7-10 days. Good luck! Todd Enders ARPA: enders at plains.nodak.edu Computer Center UUCP: ...!uunet!plains!enders Minot State University or: ...!hplabs!hp-lsd!plains!enders Minot, ND 58701 Bitnet: enders at plains Return to table of contents
Date: 11 Oct 1990 8:46 EDT From: hplabs!ames!rutgers!bellcore.bellcore.com!hera!afd (adietz) Subject: Green Grenades, Apple beer My brew partner and I experienced another homebrewing milestone last night when one of our Grolsch bottles exploded, taking out 2 of its neighbors. Pretty exciting. After reading about this time after time on the HB Digest, I had refined my priming technique to avoid this. Except this happened to our first experiment in kraeusening, not the bottles primed w/ corn sugar. So....a warning that the kraeusening formula in Papazian may be somewhat liberal. Seriously consider cutting back on the gyle. I too would like to brew an Apple Beer. Thoughts on the appropriate apple variety would be appreciated. (I like the alternate meaning of "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." In my case the doc would be a psychologist. Living in NJ can be a test of stamina.) -A Dietz Bellcore, Morristown bcr!hera!afd afd at bellcore.hera.com Return to table of contents
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