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  Sanatizer getting old ("Keith Christian")
  Avanti Beer Dispenser (JD)" <qageek@gmail.com>

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 08:45:32 -0800 From: "Keith Christian" <keithchristian at roadrunner.com> Subject: Sanatizer getting old Hi, Looking at my sanatizers, I notice the Iodopher looks like it still has iodine in it and the Starsan is brown . I have not used it in a year or so. How can I be sure it still is good? BTW, I am blind and do not know the original color of these sanatizers. Is it better to add sanitizer to RO water or tap water? We have really hard water and I remember that the pH needs to be low to be effective. But I never ran a pH test on my sanitizer before. I just brewed a batch of PA yesterday and I use my HLT for a fermenter. But I will be racking it to carboys in a day or 2. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Keith Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 13:02:53 -0600 From: "Trish (JD)" <qageek at gmail.com> Subject: Avanti Beer Dispenser Hello All and Happy Holidays! I posted some time back, as my husband and I 1) were having trouble locating hand pumps for our kegs and 2) have had bad experiences with CO2 pumps for the kegs. We spotted the Avanti Beer Cooler and Tap in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. Yes, we have located it it a bit cheaper, too. =) One example is here: http://www.beveragefactory.com/draftbeer/kegerators/mini_kegerators/MBD5L.shtml My Questions: 1 - Has anyone used / seen in use this device with homebrew kegs? 2 - Will it work well for what we need? 3 - Can you recommend a dealer or website that has a good price with great customer support? We have suspended homebrew production efforts because of our tap dilemma, so I hope we are back onto the production schedule very soon! Thank you in advance, Trish & Patrick Return to table of contents
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