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  RE: overcarbonating? ("Joe Dunne")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2011 08:01:50 -0600 From: "Joe Dunne" <jrdunne at rcn.com> Subject: RE: overcarbonating? Trish - opening the bottom seal/tap on a mini keg does not necessarily destroy the keg for future uses (though I would think the bulging kegs are shot anyway). My guess is that you are more concerned about ruining the beer by allowing air into the keg. Since the keg is under pressure and you are not opening the top to allow air in, I would think that the rush of beer and gas out of the tap, should you elect to release pressure, would not allow air in. Alternately, you could turn the keg upside down and try to use the tap as a pressure release in this fashion as you might lose less beer. Again, it shouldn't be letting air in as you have too much positive pressure in the keg already. I have used mini kegs a fair amount for kegging and have opened the bottom taps and closed them and reused the kegs so I know that it does not compromise your ability to reuse the keg (I have several carbonating/carbonated right now that are holding just fine). Also, if you are interested, you can easily force carbonate in mini kegs. Just get a barbed fitting with a threaded end (I think a half inch fitting to quarter inch NPT is what you need) and a schrader valve (tire valve) that fits quarter inch NPT. If you like I can send you a parts list and some photos. This way, you can carb off your CO2 bottle (I've added a quick disconnect to mine so I can change from ball lock posts to a tire chuck) and you can also check the keg pressure from the valve. Return to table of contents
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