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  Re: Chloramine neutralizing (Fred L Johnson)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 08:30:40 -0500 From: Fred L Johnson <FLJohnson52 at nc.rr.com> Subject: Re: Chloramine neutralizing Tom Logan asked about how to rid his water of chloramine. Since no one offered a response, I thought I should pull up some old posts on the topic for Tom's benefit. (In the process I discovered the search engine at http://hbd.org/cgi-bin/hbdindex.cgi/hbd_index isn't working, at least not on my computer.) My water can contain up to 4 ppm chloramine and 1 ppm free chlorine. Quoting AJ deLange from previous years: - ------------- "The reaction between chlorine and bisulfite is: S2O5-2 + 4Cl + 3H2O --> 2SO4-2 + 6H+ + 4 Cl- With mono chloramine it is: S2O5-2 + 2H2NCl + 3H2O --> 2SO4-2 + 2H+ +2Cl- + 2NH4+ In either case the bisulfite is oxidized to sulfate and the chlorine, while it is not 'removed', is reduced to chloride ion." - ------------- Thus 1 part bisulfite will reduce 4 parts chlorine or 2 parts chloramine. In my particular case, I'll need 0.25 ppm bisulfite to reduce 1 ppm chlorine and 2 ppm bisulfite to reduce 4 ppm chloramine in my water, for a total of 2.25 ppm (plus it is appropriate to add a little excess to reduce the other reducible compounds that will react with the bisulfite found in small amounts in typical drinking water). So let's say I'm targeting 3 ppm bisulfite to treat my water. (A little extra does no harm and may reduce oxidation during mashing.) One mole of sodium metabisulfite weighs 190 g of which 140 g (76%) of it is bisulfite, and 1 mole of potassium metabisulfite weighs 222 g (roughly) of which 140 g (65%) is bisulfite, not very different from each other. You can purchase either of these as a powder. If you are working with campden tablets, I understand that some use the sodium salt and some use the potassium salt, depending on the manufacturer. I have also read that campden tablets weigh anywhere from 0.440 g to 0.550 g, depending on the manufacturer, but I don't really know that they are pure metabisulfite with no fillers. (Can someone confirm this?) If we assume a campden tablet is 0.440 g sodium metabisulfite, one tablet would contribute about 0.334 g bisulfite. To achieve 3 ppm bisulfite, I need to dissolve 334 mg into 111 liters or 29 gallons of water (roughly). Of course, if the campden tablet weighs more than 440 mg, is not pure, or is the potassium rather than the sodium salt, the math changes. And, of course, there is no need to be as precise as I have described in this illustration, considering I was targeting adding an excess of bisulfite in the first place. Fred L Johnson Apex, North Carolina, USA Return to table of contents
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