HOMEBREW Digest #6 Wed 09 November 1988

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  ciders contd (Jan Mark Noworolski)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 3 Nov 88 10:50:13 EST From: Jan Mark Noworolski <noworol%ecf.toronto.edu at RELAY.CS.NET> Subject: ciders contd re: Brian Atkins digest of halloween I would cerainly also be interested in finding some howto books with nice cider recipies. To date the best I've got is the basic recipe described above (with obvious cambden tablet, etc refinements). This was done by my homebrew store (a photocopy of one page in -I do believe TCJOH?). This would imply that there are no books.... Could this be? re: champagne yeast I was always under the impression that you used champagne yeast in cider to get the high (reasonable) alcohol content- but now that I think about it wouldn't ale or lager yeast die sooner thereby resulting in a sweeter cider ( and eliminate the need for fixins)? Thanks to all those who suggested either freezing at some sg or adding fresh (soft) cider just before bottling (or after). One problem though- as far as I can recall primary fermentation takes the sg pretty far down (1.010-1.015?) so what am I supposed to do- bottle it 4 days after initial fermentation? Update on the cider front: My new batch is fermenting just beautifully after 4 days in the primary (and I'm getting more and more impatient). mark noworol at ecf.toronto.edu \030 Return to table of contents
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