HOMEBREW Digest #65 Thu 02 February 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  Re: competition (tanner)
  Re: Filtering my Brew (tanner)
  Table of Mail Order Extract Prices ("Lance "Yardbird" Smith")

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed Feb 1 06:48:30 1989 From: ki4pv!tanner at bikini.cis.ufl.edu Subject: Re: competition You can ship the stuff legally. Mark it "non-perishable foodstuff" and put it on the bus or train. There is a danger that UPS or the snail will put it on an airplane. How likely are your bottles to withstand the reduced pressure of a cargo hold at 25000 feet? Dr. T. Andrews, Systems CompuData, Inc. DeLand Return to table of contents
Date: Wed Feb 1 06:54:42 1989 From: ki4pv!tanner at bikini.cis.ufl.edu Subject: Re: Filtering my Brew It's nice to get rid of a lot of that yeast. I use a two-stage ferment (large plastic vessel, then glass carboy). This leaves a lot of the yeast in the large plastic vessel. Before bottling, I siphon back from the carboy to a plastic vessel before priming. Again, most of the yeast stays behind. Hint: move the carboy to the siphoning site some hours before. I prime and bottle from the plastic vessel. I have found that this procedure reduces the amount of sediment in the bottles to a very thin scum. Due to the reduction in yeast, the beer may take longer to condition. Dr. T. Andrews, Systems CompuData, Inc. DeLand Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 2 Feb 89 17:31:11 CDT From: "Lance "Yardbird" Smith" <lsmith at umn-cs.cs.umn.edu> Subject: Table of Mail Order Extract Prices Since I am a founding member of CARMAL (CAmpaign for Real MAiL) I have a tendency to send away for anything that is advertised as free. Thus I have a lot of homebrew mail order catalogs which I browse through every time I feel like making up some alt gueuze choke cherry oatmeal pilsener. My type A side overcame my type B side recently and I compiled a list of mail order stores and the prices they charged for 7 popular extracts or extract kits. Since there's been some grumbling about extract prices on the news letter and in rec.food.drink about prices for extract I figure yunz (as we used to say in Pittsburgh) could make do with this list. Before I start I need to get some weaseling (disclaimers) out of the way: 1) I do not work for or represent any of these stores. I do business with two of them (one for prices and one because of service) but I'm not going to identify either of these. 2) Prices are from catalogs received within the last 3 months. Prices may have changed or I may have made errors compiling the list. Use these prices only as lower limits. Get a catalog and check all prices before ordering. Also remember good service is just as important as price. 3) Prices do not reflect shipping costs. Although most stores are fair in charging for shipping increased distances can greatly affect the price you pay for a product. There are also some stores which I feel charge unfair amounts for shipping. Again check all costs before ordering. 4) Quality may vary from store to store. That's why I haven't included hops or grains here. Good hops are worth extra money and although grains seem less perishable you should buy small orders before you commit to large shipments from any store. 5) Extracts sampled were selected on the basis of how many stores carried them. Some stores may appear to have a small selection because they do not carry the items I picked. Again these samples do not represent the full selections available at any store so try to get as many catalogs as possible. 6) I make no claims about the quality of any of the extracts listed. 7) I do not want to list addresses. All are available in recent issues of Zymurgy magazine. If you really must get an address contact me by e-mail (lsmith at umn-cs.cs.umn.edu). I've tried to include as many catalogs as possible. If they're not listed they probably didn't send me a catalog. OK Now that I have reduced my liability here are the products sampled. 1) Coopers (Aus) Stout Kit 2) Mountmellick (Ire) Stout Kit 3) Munton & Fison (UK) Old Ale Kit 4) Alexander's (USA) Pale Malt Extract 5) Ireks (Ger) Any of the 6.6 lb plain extracts 6) Edme (UK) DMS extract (3.varies can) 7) John Bull (UK) plain extract (pale or dark) Store Zip 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Bacchus & Barleyc. 66202 9.98 8.69 8.25 18.98 7.69 7.69 Beer Gear 48909 8.40 8.75 6.90 7.95 18.95 6.25 Beer & Wine Hobby 01880 10.95 10.95 8.45 9.95 19.95 7.95 7.75 Brewhaus 37921 9.60 9.80 8.30 8.00 17.98 8.50 7.05 Cellar, The 98133 10.95 8.75 7.99 19.95 8.50 8.25 Country Wines 15237 10.95 10.95 9.25 11.95 22.50 8.25 7.95 FH Steinbart Co 97214 10.95 8.25 6.50 18.95 7.25 7.25 Great Ferm-San Raf 94901 10.95 7.95 22.95 8.95 7.50 Great Ferm-San Ros 95439 9.95 8.95 11.95 9.95 Green Acres 55733 7.81 6.45 15.90 6.27 5.94 Home Brewery, The 92335 9.95 9.95 8.75 6.95 19.95 7.50 7.50 Jasper's Homebrew 03051 9.35 8.25 17.10 7.40 Koeppl's 60008 8.95 6.75 Life Tools Co-op 54301 9.00 7.00 8.00 16.50 6.50 6.00 Purple Foot 53227 9.25 8.95 7.75 8.25 Speedy's 48107 8.50 6.25 8.00 S & R 13760 8.95 7.45 9.25 17.25 7.25 6.75 Wine & Hop Shop 53709 10.95 10.95 10.50 19.95 7.95 7.25 Winemaker's Mkt 50674 8.95 6.45 6.95 16.45 7.15 5.65 Winmaking Shoppe 60554 9.85 8.47 6.67 10.05 17.09 6.92 5.70 There you go. Hoppy brewing (or malty brewing if you insist). Lance "Extracter" Smith Return to table of contents
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