HOMEBREW Digest #83 Tue 21 February 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  Re:Limes Lemons Lights (John Coughlin)
  Irish Moss Questions (rogerl)
  Re:  Homebrew Digest #70 (February 07, 1989) (Paul Perlmutter)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 21 Feb 89 07:47:00 EST From: John Coughlin <John_Coughlin%RMC.BITNET at CORNELLC.ccs.cornell.edu> Subject: Re:Limes Lemons Lights In Homebrew Digest #82 a.e.mossberg writes: > Light makes beer skunky. Sunlight or artificial, direct or indirect, light > will have an effect on beer. You should keep beer out of light as much > as possible. ...| I store my beer in a refrigerator, and it always tastes fine. I guess that proves once and for all that the little light *does* go out when you close the 'fridge door 8-). John Coughlin, BULL Kingston (613) 541-6439 <JC at RMC.BITNET> Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 89 09:15:26 EST From: rogerl at Think.COM Subject: Irish Moss Questions >From Digest #79 and #80: >> I added 1/2 teaspoon Irish moss to the boiling wort for the first time. >> I did detect a faint taste that I couldn't identify. It tasted like it >> might be from the moss. It was something that concerned me when I added it. >> The taste may be from the three stage hopping I used, with Tettnanger at >> zero minus ten and Saaz at the last minute. Whatever it is it will have >> mellowed out by the end of secondary, I'm sure. ... >Assuming, though, that it's not the Saaz hops, lets talk about I.M. >I've been meaning to ask about it myself. I use it in my grain beers; >it's suppossed to improve the kettle break. It's so cheap I use it >even though I'm not convinced that it's doing anything. But if I felt >it were doing harm.... I did not use Irish Moss in the beginning, and found that the brew either was permanently hazy or took a very long time to clear. Even then it get would chill hazed. Since I've started using Irish Moss the problems have all but disappeared. As a point of reference I do partial grain brewing with extracts. I only use about 1/4tsp. per 5 gallon batch and have not noticed much if any flavor changes. This may also be because I use it all the time now. Also I've used as much as a full tsp. from time to time. Again with out noticeable flavor changes. Also I make sure it is *boiled* for at least 10 minutes and usually not more than 15 minutes. This will also minimize any added 'flavor' from the moss. I've found it to be a big win over all. Roger Locniskar old two liner: Does beer make you schmart? No, but it made Budweiser! Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 89 21:30:05 mst From: Paul Perlmutter <paul at hppaul> Subject: Re: Homebrew Digest #70 (February 07, 1989) I have recently seen advertisements about the new Miller "draft" beer. I assume they identify "draft" with non-pastuerized. What is the proper meaning of "draft". BTW, is the Miller draft beer any better than the standard Miller? Also, what is "dry" beer that the Japanese seem to enjoy? Paul Perlmutter Return to table of contents
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