HOMEBREW Digest #9 Tue 15 November 1988

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  re: PC homebrew access (Darryl Richman)
  Malt Extract Update (Mike Meyer)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 15 Nov 88 06:14:26 PST From: Darryl Richman <darryl at ism780c.isc.com> Subject: re: PC homebrew access I am now running the second incarnation of The Falcon's Nest BBS. (The first attempt failed because the BBS software I was using kept flaking out.) I am downloading the Usenet digests onto my machine and they are available to read. I will upload replies back to the digest if requested. The machine is located in Sepulveda, CA (a suburb of Los Angeles) and the phone number is 818 349 5891. The hours of operation are roughly 10am-6pm and 10pm-6am 5 days a week. I will try to have the machine operating during the day on weekends, but this may be precluded by personal needs. Since I have just restarted this last week, traffic is slow. I'd love to have more people dialing in and talking. Oh yes, the modem will accept 300/1200/2400 baud; no validation is required for new users. --Darryl Richman Return to table of contents
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 88 10:25:39 PST From: meyer at tcville.hac.com (Mike Meyer) Subject: Malt Extract Update Just thought I'd keep you up to date on our experience with the Yellow Dog Malt Extract (manufactured by Alexander's for The Home Brewery in Fontana, CA). The proportions of the extract are 1% Chocolate Malt, 14% Wheat Malt, and the rest Klages malt, and it is made with an infusion mash at 160 degrees. (This is the first extract product I've run across that actually gives these specifics) The wheat happens to add a very nice dryness to the flavor, and holds the maltiness somewhat in check. I was expecting head retention to be somewhat better than it was, owing to the wheat content, but other factors relating to our glass-washing methods (i.e. regular dishwashing liquid) may contribute. The color of the brew is fairly dark, but not quite amber. Sam Wammack of the Home Brewery tells me that the same mash when done at home produces a somewhat lighter product. Yellow Dog Malt Extract is available by mail order from The Home Brewery in Fontana, CA. They advertise a lot in Zymurgy and American Brewer, and have a toll-free number. I'm not affiliated with the Home Brewery or the club they sponsor, just a satisfied customer. I also think that it is important for us to support American-made brewing products (provided, of course, that they are high-quality), to encourage more product development. The extract is reasonably priced, too -- a 4-lb can runs for 7.35, I think. I'll be glad to post more specifics, should there be more interest. Mike Meyer meyer at tcville.HAC.COM (P.S: In a week or two, I'll let you know about the outcome of our Blueberry Beer and Ginger Lager batches -- we bottled this past weekend. Mike Brown was looking for ginger or honey beer recipes -- assuming he wasn't talking about (non-alcoholic) ginger beer and mead, the 'Slow Lori's Ginger Lager' recipe from Zymurgy fits both bills. I'll post the recipe in a day or two.) Return to table of contents
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