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  Irish Ale (GARY MASON  16-Jul-1991 1413)
  re: Water, water everywhere... (Darryl Richman)
  What light spectrum effects beer? (GC Woods)
  Re: Brewing software (Darryl Richman)
  Yeasts (Alec Jessiman)
  Watermelon Beer (Ron Karwoski)
  Microbreweries and Brewpubs (Greg Pryzby)
  Teleford's DME (Patrick_Waara.WBST129)
  Water, water everywhere... (Ken Schriner)
  Brewing with Well Water (Rick Myers)
  Muddy runoffs (BAUGHMANKR)
  HBD Posting (Tom Bower)
  brew kettles (Brian Bliss)
  ginger, aphids (Bill Crick)
  MEV Research (Bill Crick)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 18 Jul 91 10:47:47 EDT From: GARY MASON 16-Jul-1991 1413 <mason at habs11.ENET.DEC.COM> Subject: Irish Ale Does anyone have a recipe (or two, or three, or...) for an Irish Ale? If so, would you be good enough to post it? Also, other than the AHA definition, does anyone have a good description of what one of these is? Thanks...Gary Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 91 07:54:16 -0700 From: darryl at ism.isc.com (Darryl Richman) Subject: re: Water, water everywhere... I've never had to deal with either sulfur or iron in my water. But you ought to get a copy of the transcripts from this year's AHA conference; they should be out by the end of the year. Greg Noonan gave a very informative demonstration on testing water, including using a set of inexpensive test kits to determine the make up of your water. I'm sure that all the details will be included in the transcripts. --Darryl Richman Return to table of contents
Date: 18 Jul 91 11:49:00 EDT (Thu) From: GC Woods <gcw at garage.att.com> Subject: What light spectrum effects beer? I've been wondering, what part of the light spectrum effects the hops in beer. Does fluorescent or indirect sunlight contain this part of the light spectrum. Also for the NYC area HBD folks the "Zip City Brewpub" will be opening around the end of August (their estimate). The address is 3 West 18th Street (NYC) and phone # is 212-366-6333. Geoff Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 91 07:46:27 -0700 From: darryl at ism.isc.com (Darryl Richman) Subject: Re: Brewing software > This is a great idea. Has anyone done this in a more portable fashion > like for a spreasdsheet (e.g. 123 , Excel) or even in C? I was > planning on getting around to writing it someday, but hopefully > someone has beaten me to it. Thanks. The Brewer's Worksheet is available from the various archives and is an Excel spreadsheet I wrote to do recipe formulation work. It will assist in devising water treatment, beer color and original gravity, and hop bitterness. It has a lookup table for malts and adjuncts that can be expanded if I forgot something that you want to use. The water treatment calculator takes entries of water salts and determines total ppm from a base water you supply (from a water report). If you also supply the ion concentrations of a target water, it will give you the differences and a % difference to assist in getting the overall profile correct. It also lets you select what units you want to work with throughout the process (e.g., you can work in pounds or kgs, ounces or grams, gallons or liters, and so on). A brewer over on CompuServe, Art Steinmetz, uploaded a version that had been translated to 1-2-3 on the PC (sorry, I don't have a copy--would someone be willing to download it and send it over to aem?). The manual you get with The Brewer's Worksheet implies that this is a commercial product. I had thought about selling it, but decided that polishing a spreadsheet template was more work than it was worth, so it really is free. I am working on a for-sale formulator/batch logger called The Brewer's Planner. This is written in C and the first version will be for the Mac. It should be available in the September time frame (look for an ad in the Fall Zymurgy). I demoed a prototype of it at the NH Conference, and a lot of people seemed pretty interested. I anticipate that I'll sell it for $50, to keep it affordable. I hope to release one for the PC early next year. (If this is too commercial, somebody tell me and I'll shut up. ;-) Other folks are doing similar things. I know that larryba up in Seattle is working on a formulator written in Visual Basic, and Doug Henderson has a HyperCard stack with some interesting heuristics for automatically determining water treatment. --Darryl Richman Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 91 14:15:58 EDT From: jessiman at kepler.harvard.edu (Alec Jessiman) Subject: Yeasts Hi- What is the difference between an attenuative yeast and an unattenuative one? Thanks, Alec Alec Jessiman jessiman at kepler.harvard.edu Harvard University Division of Applied Sciences - ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I...take my hangovers as a consequence, not as a punishment" -Steinbeck Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 91 14:06:42 CDT From: rak at mayo.EDU (Ron Karwoski) Subject: Watermelon Beer I was reading the newspaper last night and I read a trivia piece that said the Russians make a beer from watermelon juice. This sounded timely and interesting though I can't imagine a Watermelon Stout. Is there anyone out there who has ever used watermelon juice in making beer and could provide some details? Thanks, Ron Karwoski rak at bru.mayo.edu Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 91 10:45:36 EDT From: neptune!pryzby at uunet.UU.NET (Greg Pryzby) Subject: Microbreweries and Brewpubs The following list is available for free from AHA. It is compiled by Institute for Brewing Studies. Typos are most likely mine. Updated 3/1/91 MB - microbrewery BP - brewpub * denotes MB which also has a BP on premises ALASKA MB Alaskan Brewing and Bottling Co. Juneau Yukon Berwing and Bottling Co. Anchorage ARIZONA MB Crazy Ed's Black Mountain Brewing Co. Cave Creek Electric Dave Brewery Bisbee BP Barley's Brew Pub Phoenix Christopher Joseph Brewing Co./ Bandersnatch Brewpub Tempe Hops Brewing Co. Scottsdale San Francisco Bar and Grill Brewpub Tuscon CALIFORNIA MB Alpine Village Hofbrau Torrance Anderson Valley Brewing Co * Boonville Angeles Brewing Co Chatsworth Central Coast Brewing Co. San Luis Obispo Devil Mountain Brewery/Bay Brewing Co. Benicia Etna Brewing Co. Etna Firestone Brewing Co. Los Olivos Golden Pacific Brewing Co. Emeryville J&L Brewing Co. San Rafael Lind Brewing Co. San Leandro Los Angeles Brewing Co./Eureka Restaurant and Brewery * Los Angeles Mad River Brewing Co. Blue Lake Mendocino Brewing Co. * Hopland Nevada City Brewing Co. Nevada City North Coast Brewing Co. * Ft. Bragg Obispo Brewing Co. San Luis Obispo St Stan's Brewery, Pub and Restaurant * Modesto San Andreas Brewing Co. * Hollister Sierra Nevada Brewing Co./Sierra Nevada Taproom and Restaurant * Chico BP Back Alley Brewery and Bistro Davis Belmont Brewing Co. Long Beach Bison Brewing Co. Berkely Boulder Creek Brewing Co. Boulder Creek Brewhouse Grill, Mammoth Lakes Mammoth Lakes Brewhouse Grill, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Brewpub on the Green Fremont Brown Street Brewing Co. Napa Buffalo Bill's Brewery Hayward Butterfield Brewery Fresno Callahan's Pub and Brewery San Diego Crown City Brewery Pasadena Dead Cat Alley Brewery Woodland Fullerton Hofbrau Fullerton Gordon Biersch Brewing Co. (#1) Palo Alto Gordon Biersch Brewing Co. (#2) San Jose Gorky's Cafe and Brewery Los Angeles Heritage Brewing Co. Dana Point Hogshead Brewpub Sacramento Humboldt Brewery Arcata Huttenhain's Benicia Brewpub Benicia Kelmers Brewhouse Santa Rosa La Jolla Brewing Co. La Jolla Lost Coast Brewing Co. Eureka Marin Brewing Co. Larkspur Monterey Brewing Co. Monterey Mt. Konocti Brewing Co. Lakeport Napa Valley Brewing Co./ Calistoga Inn Calistoga Okie Girl Brewery (formerly Grapevine Bry.) Lebec Karl Strauss' Old Columbia Berwery and Grill San Diego Pacific Coast Brewing Co. Oakland Red Kettle Fishery and Brewery Encinitas Rubicon Brewing Co. Sacramento San Francisco Brewing Co. San Francisco Santa Cruz Brewing Co. and Front Street Pub Santa Cruz Seabright Brewery Santa Cruz Sherwood Brewing Co. Chico Shields Brewing Co. Downtown Ventura SLO Brewing Co. San Luis Obispo Sudwerk Privatbrauerei Hubsch Davis Tied House Cafe and Brewery Mountain View Triple Rock Brewing Co. Berkeley Truckee Brewing Co./Pizza Junction Truckee Twenty Tank Brewery San Francisco Willett's Brewery Napa Winchester Brewing Co. San Jose COLORADO MB Boulder Brewing Co. * Boulder Durango Brewing Co. Durango Odell Brewing Co. Ft. Collins BP Antlers Double Tree Hotel/Judge Baldwin's Brewing Co. Colorado Springs Breckenridge Brewery and Pub Breckenbridge Carver Brewing CO. Durango CooperSmith's Pub and Brewing Ft Collins The Hubcap Brewery and Kitchen Vail The Idle Spur Crested Butte Brewery and Restaurant Crested Butte Old Colorado Brewing Co. Ft. Collins Walnut Brewery Boulder Wynkoop Brewery Co. Denver CONNECTICUT MB Charter Oak Brewing Co. Bristol New England Brewing Co. Norwalk New Haven Brewing Co. New Haven FLORIDA BP Florida Brewing Co./Miami Garlic Grill and Brewpub Miami Hops Grill and Bar (#1) Clearwater Hops Grill and Bar (#2) Tampa Kidder's Ale House Ft. Meyers Market Street Pub Gainsville McGuire's Irish Pub and Brewery Pensacola Mill Bakery, Brewery and Eatery (#1) Gainsville Mill Bakery, Brewery and Eatery (#2) Tallahassee Mill Bakery, Brewery and Eatery (#3) Winter Park River Walk Brewery Ft. Lauderdale Sarasota Brewing Co. Sarasota Tampa Bay Brewing Co. Tampa GEORGIA MB Friends Brewing Co./Helenboch Brewery Helen HAWAII MB Honolulu Brewing Co. Honolulu IDAHO MB Coeur D'Alene Brewing Co./T.W. Fisher's "A Brewpub" * Coeur D'Alene Snake River Brewing Co. Caldwell ILLINOIS MB Chicago Brewing Co. Chicago Pavichevich Brewing Co. Elmhurst BP Berghoff Brewery and Restaurant Chicago Chief's Brewing Co. Champaign Goose Island Brewing Co. Chicago Tap and Growler Chicago Weinkeller Brewery Berwyn INDIANA MB Indianapolis Brewing Co. Indianapolis BP Broad Ripple Brewing Co. Indianapolis IOWA MB Millstream Brewing Co. Amana BP Fitzpatrick's Brewing CO. Iowa City KANSAS BP Free State Brewing Co. Lawrence KENTUCKY MB Oldenberg Brewery * Fort Mitchell LOUISIANA MB Abita Brewing Co. Abita Springs BP Crescent City Brewhouse New Orleans Mill Bakery, Brewery and Eatery (#4) Baton Rouge MAINE MB D.L. Geary Brewing Co. Portland BP Gritty McDuff's Portland MARYLAND MB British Brewing Co. Glen Burnie Wild Goose Brewery Cambridge BP Baltimore Brewing Co. Baltimore Sisson's Rest/South Baltimore Brewing Co. Baltimore MASSACHUSETTS MB Boston Beer Co. Boston Mass. Bay Brewing Co. Boston BP Cambridge Brewing Co. Boston Commonwealth Brewing Co. Boston Northhampton Brewery at Brewster Court Bar and Grill Northhampton MICHIGAN MB Frankenmuth Brewery Frankenmuth Kalamazoo Brewing Co. Kalamazoo MINNESOTA MB James Page Brewing Co. Minneapolis Summit Brewing Co. St. Paul BP Sherlock's Home Minnetonka MISSOURI MB Boulevard Brewing Co. Kansas City MONTANA MB Bayern Brewing Inc. * Missoula Great Northern Brewing Columbia Falls Montana Beverage Ltd. Helena NEBRASKA BP Union Brewery Co. Virginia City NEW JERSEY MB Clement Brewing Co. Vernon NEW MEXICO MB Manzano Mountain Brewing Co. Tijeras Santa Fe Brewing Co. Galisteo BP Embudo Station/Preston Brewery/Sangre de Cristo Brewing Co. Embudo NEW YORK MB Buffalo Brewing Co./Abbott Square Buffalo BP Buffalo Brewpub Williamsville Chapter House Brewpub Ithaca Manhattan Brewing Co. New York Rochester Brewpub Rochester NORTH CAROLINA BP Dilworth Brewing Co. Charlotte Greenshields Pub and Brewery Raleigh Loggerhead Brewing Co. Greensboro Mill Bakery, Brewery and Eatery (#5) Charlotte Weeping Radish Restaurant & Brewery (#1) Manteo Weeping Radish Restaurant & Brewery (#2) Durham OHIO MB Columbus Brewing Co. Columbus BP Great Lakes Berwing Co. Cleveland Abbie's Landing (fomerly Growlers Grill & Bry) Dayton Hoster Brewing Co. Columbus Melbourne's Brewing Co. Strongsville OREGON MB Bridgeport Brewing Co. & Public House * Portland Deschutes Brewery and Public House * Bend Edgefield Manor Troutdale Hood River Brewing Co. Hood River Oregon Brewing Co./Bay Front Brewery and Public House * Newport Oregon Trail Brewery Corvallis Portland Brewing Co. * Portland Widmer Brewing Co. (#1) Portland Widmer Brewing Co. (#2) Portland BP Cornelius Pass Roadhouse and Brewery Hillsboro Fulton Pub and Brewery Portland High Street Pub Eugene Highland Pub and Brewery Gresham Hillsdale Brewery and Public House Portland Lighthouse Brew-Pub Lincoln City McMenamin's Beaverton Oak Hills Brewpub Portland Pizza Deli and Brewery Cave Junction Roger's Zoo North Bend Rogue River Brewing Co. Ashland Steelhead Brewing Co. Eugene Thompson Brewery and Public House Salem Williamette Brewing Co. Salem PENNSYLVANIA MB Stoudt Brewery Adamstown BP Dock St. Brewing Co. Brewery & Restaurant Philadelphia Happy Valley Brewery State College Pennsylvania Brewing Co./Allegheny Brewery & Pub Pittsburgh Philadelphia Brewing Co./Samuel Adams Brewhouse Philadelphia TENNESSEE MB Bohannon Brewing Co. Nashville TEXAS MB Dallas Brewing Co. Dallas UTAH MB Schirf Brewing Co./Wasatch Brew Pub * Park City BP Eddie McStiff's Moab Salt Lake Brewing Co./Squatter's Brewpub Salt Lake City VERMONT MB Catamount Brewing Co. White River Junction Otter Creek Brewing Co. Middlebury The Mountain Brewers Inc. Bridgewater BP Dewey's Ale House Brattleboro The Vermont Pub and Brewery of Burlington Burlington VIRGINIA MB Old Dominion Brewing Co. Ashburn Virginia Brewing Co. Virginia Beach BP The Blue Muse Roanoke Blue Ridge Brewing Co. Charlottesville 19th Street Brewery Virginia Beach WASHINGTON MB Hale's Ales Ltd (#1) Colville Hale's Ales Ltd (#2) Kirkland Hart Brewing Co. Kalama Maritime Pacific Brewing Co. Seattle Pike Place Brewery Seattle Redhook Ale Brewery * Seattle Roslyn Brewing Co. Roslyn Thomas Kemper Brewing Co. * Poulsbo Yakima Brewing and Malting Co. * Yakima BP Big Time Brewing Co. Seattle Duwamps Cafe/Seattle Brewing Co. Seattle Fort Spokane Brewery Spokane Noggins Westlake Brewpub Seattle Pacific Northwest Brewing Co. Seattle WISCONSIN MB Capital Brewery * Middleton Fox Classic Brewing Co. Appleton Lakefront Brewery Milwaukee Sprecher Brewing Co. Milwaukee BP Appleton Brewing Co./Dos Bandidos Brew Pub/Skyline House Appleton The Brewmaster's Pub Kenosha Cherryland Brewing Co. Sturgeon Bay Rowland's Calumet Brewery and Brewpub Chilton Water Street Brewery Milwaukee WYOMING MB Otto Brothers' Brewing Co. Jackson ALBERTA MB Big Rock Brewery Calgary Strathcona Brewing Co. Edmonton BP Boccalino Pasta Bistro Edmonton Brewsters Brewpub and Brasserie (#2) Calgary BRITISH COLUMBIA MB Granville Island Brewing Co. Vancouver Horseshoe Bay Brewing Co. Horseshoe Bay Okanagan Spring Brewery Vernon Shaftebury Brewing Co. Vancouver Sunshine Coast Brewers Sechelt Vancouver Island Brewing Co. Victoria Whistler Brewing Co. Wistler BP Leeward Neighbourhood Pub Comox Prairie Inn Cottage Brewery Saanichton Spinnakers Brewpub Victoria Swan's Brewpub/Buckerfield's Brewery Victoria NEW BRUNSWICK MB Bavarian Specialties(Canada)/Hans Haus Brewery Riverview NOVA SCOTIA BP Granite Brewery Halifax ONTARIO MB Bixel Brewing Co. Brantford Creemore Springs Brewery Creemore Niagara Falls Brewing Co. Niagara Falls The Northern Algonquin Brewing Co. Markham The Upper Canada Brewing Co. Toronto Wellington County Brewery Guelph York Brewery Brampton BP Amsterdam Brasserie and Brewpub Toronto Blue Anchor Brewery Orillia CC's Brew Pub Mississauga CEEPS Barney's Ltd. London Charley's Tavern Windsor Denison's Brewing Co./Growler's Restaurant Toronto Diamond Hill Brew Pub Richmond Hill Flying Dutchman Hotel/Lighthouse Brewpub Bowmanville Heidelberg Restaurant and Brewery Heidelberg Jolly Friar Brasserie and Brewpub Sault Saint Marie Kingston Brewing Co. Kingston Kirkland Lake Bavarian Inn/Bernie's Brew Pub Kirkland Lake The Lion Brewery and Museum Waterloo Luxembourg Brewpub Mississauga Madawaska Tavern Arnprior Marconi's Steak and Pasta House Etobicoke Mash McCann's London Master's Brasserie and Brewpub Ottawa Port Arthur Brasseries and Brewpub Thunder Bay Queen's Inn/Taylor and Bate Ltd. Stratford Rotterdam Brewing Co. Toronto Tapsters Brewhouse Mississauga Tracks Brewpub (formerly Houston Track) Brampton Union Station Brewpub Markham Winchester Arms Mississauga QUEBEC MB Brasal Brasserie Allemande Lasalle Les Brasseurs G.M.T. Montreal Massawippi Brewing Co. Lennoxville Brasserie McAuslan Montreal Les Brasseurs du Nord St. Jerome La Brasserie Portneuvoise St. Casimir BP La Cervoise Montreal Le Cheval Blanc Montreal Crocodile Club Montreal Crocodile Club St. Laurent Montreal Golden Lion Brewing Co. Lennoxville L'Inox Quebec City Mon Village Brewery Hudson SASKATCHEWAN BP Barley Mill Brewpub Regina Brewsters Brewpub amd Brasserie Regina Bushwakker Brewing Co. Regina Cheers Roadhouse/Saskatoon Brewing Co. Saskatoon Clark's Crossing Brewpub Saskatoon Miner's Brewpub and Eatery Saskatoon Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1991 13:37:30 PDT From: Patrick_Waara.WBST129 at xerox.com Subject: Teleford's DME Has anyone noticed a difference in the Teleford's dry malt extract lately? I used to use it exclusively, because it's good malt and was significantly cheaper than the syrup, but for a time I was unable to get it from my local supplier. He now has it again, but it looks very different than it used to. Teleford's used to have a crystaline quality to it; i.e., light used to shine off the facets in the malt. Now it is a very fine, dull powder much like American Eagle dry. Have they changed the way they malt their grains? Are they still using two-row malt or have they started using the 6-row stuff? I haven't had an opportunity to try the new Teleford's, so I can't tell whether it tastes the same or not. Anyone? ~Pat Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 91 15:34:06 CDT From: Ken Schriner <KS06054 at UAFSYSB.UARK.EDU> Subject: Water, water everywhere... On Wed, 17 Jul 91 16:11:58 EDT Tom Dimock said: >I have some water questions for y'all. I live in the country, and have ... (paraphrasing) ... "bad water" I too live in the country, and my water is not that great, particularly in the summer when the well is a little low, or in the spring, when the well is a little high. I solved this problem by buying my water at the store. I buy the cheapest water I can find, usually about $2.50 for five gallons of water. It usually states on the label that it is water from the Little Rock municipal water supply. (I think that means they treat the water from the Arkansas River.) It has made a big improvement in my beer. In fact, the large improvement for $2.50 convinced me to spend another couple of bucks per batch on liquid yeast. Easily the two biggest improvements to my beer. Ken Schriner (501) 575-2905 BITNET : ks06054 at uafsysb U of A, Computing Services Internet : ks06054 at uafsysb.uark.edu Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 91 14:57:09 MDT From: Rick Myers <fc.hp.com!hp-lsd!hpctdpe!rcm at hpfcla> Subject: Brewing with Well Water Full-Name: Rick Myers > I have some water questions for y'all. I live in the country, and have > two wells. Well A has hard water, with enough iron to turn my particle > filter red in two months. Well B is also hard, and has enough sulphur > to turn its particle filter black in two months. My brewing choices are > well a, well B straight, or well B softened by a water softener. What > should I do? I have heard that iron is toxic to yeast - is that true, > and if so is there a reasonable way to remove it? I have been using well water with a high iron content for over a year with no ill effects to my beer, that I can notice. My water has a distinctive odor to it, and I don't care to drink it straight out of the tap. I had often wondered what it was doing to my beer, if anything, so I tried an experiment. I hauled Colorado Springs city water (quite good, actually) home in 6 gallon jugs and used it to make my beer. I made 3 batches with city water, and discovered that it made absolutely no discernable difference in taste whether I used my well water or city water. Note that some styles of beer need softer or harder water than other styles, but I haven't been able to notice any difference when I make the same beer with my hard well water or the soft city water. Why don't you make a batch from each well using the same recipe for comparison purposes and then let us know how they turn out? Rick - -- Rick Myers rcm at col.hp.com Hewlett-Packard Colorado Telecommunications Division Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1991 18:28 EST From: BAUGHMANKR at CONRAD.APPSTATE.EDU Subject: Muddy runoffs >From: bliss at csrd.uiuc.edu (Brian Bliss) >Well, on monday I tried to make my second all-grain batch, >and indeed, sparging is my low point. I recirculated for >a half hour, and it never ran clear. >What I finally did was just let the runooff sit for >3 hours in a fermenter, and all the husks settled to >the bottom 3/4". This worked great! It probably did but all-grain brewing is long enough without adding an extra three hours to it. -Stuff Deleted- >Next time I'll try 6-row lager malt (I think the 2-row >malt, with the finer husks is the culprit), and stick a >grain bag in the sparge bucket. AH HA!! If (and I'm not sure from your posting) you were just letting the sparge water run free through the spigot on your lauter tun, it's no wonder it never ran clear. By all means use a sparging bag or some other type of straining mechanism to strain out the husks. Don't give up on the 2 row just yet. 6-row requires a step mash, is more complicated and difficult to work with, and as far as I can tell, doesn't taste any better, anyway. (Is that the sound of rushing flames coming up behind me?) :-) >If I still have to resort >to letting the runoff settle, It will become part of >my standard technique. Let's hope not. Bear down on the straining of the husks from the sparge water. It really sounds like this is the source of your problem. Cheers, Kinney Baughman | Beer is my business and baughmankr at conrad.appstate.edu | I'm late for work. P.S. Just who is Darryl Richman, anyway ? :-) Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 91 15:37:27 PDT From: Tom Bower <bower at hprnlme1.rose.hp.com> Subject: HBD Posting Full-Name: Tom Bower Two items for my first posting: 1.) Water Analysis. When I moved into my latest house I requested a water analysis from the local water agency. The documentation they sent me was skimpy and lacked detail. It just didn't have the information I wanted in order to understand my brewmaking water. Then, one day while wandering through the local Sears I came upon their water-filter/softener department, and found that they offer a FREE water analysis service. It works like this: You think you may want to purchase a water filter or softener. You pick up from Sears a little plastic sample bottle and postage-prepaid envelope. You take it home, fill it with water from your preferred brewmaking water faucet, close it, bag it and mail it off. A couple weeks later you get a nice, big fat report - your free water analysis! (The first step in the above process is optional. :) 2.) Calculating the temperature to cool the wort to. In making an extract beer, my brewpot usually boils about 3 gallons. Therefore I need to top off my primary fermenter with 2-2.5 gallons of water before pitching the yeast. Since the temperature of my top-off water is usually not proper pitching temperature and my goal is to cool the 3 gallons of hot wort down to the point where I can add the top-off water and pitch the yeast immediately, I want to be able to calculate the proper temperature to cool the wort to (using my immersion chiller) such that the resulting mix ends up being a good pitching temperature. If one assumes that all the liquids involved have the properties of plain water (the properties invoved are density and specific heat) then the for- mula for the temperature to cool the wort to is: Top-off Volume Temp.wort = Temp.pitching + ----------------- (Temp.pitching - Temp.top-off) Hot Wort Volume But as we all know, the density of wort is somewhat higher than water, and the specific heat is probably somewhat different as well. Right now I'm trying to work through some numbers to see if the likely dif- ferences are going to make more than a few degrees' difference in the outcome, but I'm curious as to whether others have attempted to do this. Of course, the other option is to make sure my top-off water is heated to a good pitching temperature to begin with; then I just cool the hot wort to match and not worry. - --------------------- Tom Bower, HP RND R&D Return to table of contents
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 91 19:20:05 CDT From: bliss at csrd.uiuc.edu (Brian Bliss) Subject: brew kettles Art Medlar <hman at violet.berkeley.edu> writes: > found the best deal at Ying's ... > Ten gallons, stainless(?) steel, with a lid, for $42. C.R. Saikley: > I have a friend who just got a good deal on a brew kettle, so I > thought I'd pass this along. He got a 10 gallon stainless steel > kettle for $39. ... He bought it at Ying's, which is at the corner of > Pacific and Stockton in San Francisco's China Town. hmm. they seem to be getting cheapert by the minute. Maybe if I wait until next week, I can REALLY get a bargain :-) ....... > I read the label on the yeast package > about breaking the seal and neadinn the package. I went ahead and combined > the ingreadients cooked em. but about two thirds of the way through I noticed > on the yeast package that it said it would need a day or two to incubate. I did the same thing when I tasted my Wyeast british ale starter and found it to be infected. I used Wyeast german ale instead. It was a little slow to start, but worked fine. The damn thing took an entire month to ferment, but I talked to a friend who (presumably) let his package incubate, and hada long fermentation, too. I re-cultured the dregs for the next batch, and with a ready starter bottle, it still took 24 hrs to start to krausen. I aereated this batch fully - we'll see if it still takes a month. Back on the subject of infected Wyeast British ale yeast. I thought I was at fault when I made the starter bottle, so I ordered another package. When I arrived, the package has already started to swell, and the bubble had not been burst yet! Could Wyeast have released an infected batch? This has only happened on British Ale packets dated April 10 for me. I cut open the foil, and tasted the solution, and it was slightly sour, but certainly not "vinegary". I then cultured what was in the bubble, but I'll probably never use it. cheers! bb Return to table of contents
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 1991 13:45:37 -0400 From: hplabs!bnr-vpa!bnr-rsc!crick (Bill Crick) Subject: ginger, aphids Regarding using ginger in beer slowing down yeast: I make ginger beer that has 1/2lb of fresh ginger in 2 gallons of water, and it certainly' doesn't slow down the fermentation in any way. My mother's recipe to get rid of aphids: Mix 2 cups of vegetable oil, and three tablespoons of dishwashing liquid together. Taks two tablespoons of this liquid, and mix with 1 quart of water. Thouroughly spray plants with this liquid once a week. It apparently controls several types of bugs. Bill Crick Return to table of contents
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 1991 11:05:36 -0400 From: hplabs!bnr-vpa!bnr-rsc!crick (Bill Crick) Subject: MEV Research I called the two numbers given for MeV Research in Waterloo. One is a grumpy fellow who doesn't know who the ! at #$% MeV is. The other is "we cannot complete your call as dialed, Please hang up..." I called directory assistance, and they have no listing for Mev anything! Doesn't look good. Pity, their Weiss beer yeast had a real nice tang to it. Bill Crick Brewius, Ergo Bust! Return to table of contents
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