HOMEBREW Digest #75 Sun 12 February 1989

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		Rob Gardner, Digest Coordinator

  Pales, etc (florianb)

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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: 10 Feb 89 16:45:41 PST (Fri) From: florianb%tekred.cna.tek.com at RELAY.CS.NET Subject: Pales, etc In homebrew digest #72, Joseph Palladino asks: >CAN ANYONE OUT THERE MAKE A DECENT EXTRACT BEER???????????????? Yes. In previous digests or in rec.food.drink, I provided my secret for brewing a high quality extract ale, using 7 #'s of Steinbart's amber ale extract (or equivalent). Two oz of one of the stronger hops like Cascade work well, and a half-oz of Kent Goldings for finishing leaves a good aroma. NB: this brew results in a chill haze, which I don't pay any attention to, since I don't care (I don't wash my windshield very often either.) about it. I am so impressed with this ale that I can't seem to make enough of it. Mail me for details. I echo Joseph's other comments about requesting pale ale recipes. I believe it is possible to make a good pale ale using extracts in place of freshly mashed malted barley. May I suggest adding to 2 gallons water 1# of cracked crystal malt, 1/8# cracked roasted malted barley, heat to boiling and remove the specialty grains when boiling commences. Add the extract (use 6# or more) and boil with two oz strong hops for 30 minutes. Boil finishing hops for last five minutes. This will result in a good pale ale, but not an excellent pale ale. It will lack sweetness and aroma. Can anyone suggest how to make it better? Return to table of contents
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